Hello fellow contributors and fans, I realize that I am a relatively new member of the wiki, but as a fan, I want to recall my fandom, and if you feel like this type of post is not what should be on this website, then please tell me.

My period of intrest in monster trucks ranges from about 1993-halfway through the 2011 season, around when backflips became popular. I felt that the judges awarded too many points for backflips, but that's just me, although, the judges weren't always well calculated in their scoring (TNN era, I'm looking at you.) but I love the series nonetheless.

I have a vivid memory of my first experience with monster trucks. I rember waking up early one morning in 2009, running down to my crappy CRT tv, my dad and I were watching speed channel the night before, so I turned the TV on to see 2009 Minneapolis freestyle. My young brain was floored, I wanted to see more, but I could only find it on speed in the mornings, but with the help of great youtubers like Dtrix85, Hatebreeder67, Misterbones and Bobmatic0, I began to see the lore of a beautful sport that I loved.

So that's my first post, hope you liked it/ can relate to it, if you want to, please share your "origin story" so to speak,I look foward to your responses.

Yours Truly,

JetJaggron Servo 

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