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Toxic is a Ford Super Duty monster truck owned by Jay Snyder and driven by his son Cory Snyder & Preston Perez of Warped Motorsports out of Bethesda, Maryland. The truck was originally created by Petri Motorsports out of New York in 2010, who operated the truck for five years until Gilbert Motorsports acquired the truck in 2015. Under Gilbert Motorsports, Snyder would begin driving the truck, and still remains the driver to this day, even after Warped Motorsports purchased the truck in 2018. The truck has competed in various monster truck leagues, including Monster Truck Throwdown and the Renegade Monster Truck Tour.


Toxic was originally created in 2010, by the Petri Brothers of Petri Motorsports out of Sardinia, New York and intended to be called “Too Toxic”. The (then new PEI chassis) truck entered its first full year of competition the following year. Travis Petri would primarily drive the truck, while his brother Larry would drive on select occasions. Under Petri Motorsports, Toxic was a major competitor during the early years of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

Petri Motorsports continued to own and operate Toxic for five years, until 2015, when Gilbert Motorsports acquired the truck in November. It was also that year in which Cory Snyder began driving the truck. In 2017, Toxic competed in select events on Monster Jam Arena Championship Series 5 going up against Grave Digger.

In 2018, Warped Motorsports acquired full ownership of Toxic. Their first event as new owners was at Monsters On the Beach in Virginia Beach, where Snyder would unfortunately blow a hole in the engine, however the truck and driver combination remained impressive and garnered the attention of many promoters. The truck would later begin competing in Monster Truck Throwdown, and would later compete exclusively in select events in the summer of the following year, due to Snyder driving for Vaters Motorsports as part of the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series.

The truck would return full time in 2020 to compete in select Monster Jam shows throughout the first quarter, even winning its first overall event championship in Florence. Its last first quarter show of 2020 was at Monster Truck Thunder in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a week before the covid shutdowns cancelled events for the foreseeable future. Following the initial shutdowns, Snyder and Toxic performed at the first show back for the North East Region of the US on Father’s Day weekend of 2020 at the Lake Erie Speedway (All Star Monster Truck Tour) and went runner up in back to back final rounds in racing of Friday and Saturday nights. In August of 2020, Toxic began competition as one of five select monster trucks on the inaugural Renegade Monster Truck Tour schedule establishing a racing rivalry against Zane Rettew in Stinger Unleashed. In the fall of 2020 a brand-new Toxic (Toxic 2.0) would debut featuring the very first TMS Signature Series chassis and an updated body style at the Metal Shop in Delaware. The truck made its competition debut in Georgia at the Renegade season finale.

Toxic 2.0 entered its first full year of competition in 2021. Throughout the year the team competed primarily in Monster Truck Throwdown, The All Star Monster Truck Tour, and the Renegade Monster Truck Tour. While going through a learning curve and working out bugs in Toxic 2.0, The original Toxic would be brought back out to compete while changes and improvements were made to the new truck. The new truck would also make a brief appearance at Monster Jam in Baltimore. In December of 2021, Cory could be seen at Monster Truck Thunder in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enjoying a taco bowl in the seats at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.

In 2022, Toxic 2.0 competed in the All Star Monster Truck Tour Championship Series as a team mate to Xtermigator for the points championship (where he finished 3rd) and the Toughest Monster Truck Tour as a team mate to Tail Gator for the points championship. In June, Preston Pérez, who had crewed on and off for the Snyder’s from 2020-2022, started driving the original Toxic truck after finishing his time filling in for Chris Koehler at Team Scream racing. That same summer Jay Snyder would re-acquire the Illuminator name and Cory would begin running it on and off on the Toxic 2.0 chassis. In December of 2022, Perez would begin running the Outlaw name on the original Toxic chassis for Monster Truck Wars in White Pine, Tennessee.

In 2023 Cory Snyder (in Toxic 2.0) returned to the All Star Monster Truck Tour Championship Series for a select five weekend run, while Preston Pérez continued to compete in Toxic 1 under the Outlaw identity. In March of 2023, Snyder received a minor injury while loading his trailer at the shop and Preston Pérez would drive Toxic 2.0 for two shows of the All Star Championship in Gray, Tennessee (March 18th and 19th) where he would win one overall with a clean sweep and a best truck competition with a perfect score before engine troubles put the truck out of competition for the weekend. This set back would cost the truck a shot at second place in the series and an outside shot at first place. Snyder returned to the seat of Toxic 2.0 for the series finals on the TN/GA state line where the truck officially finished third in points for the second straight year. Between All Star championship weekends, Snyder competed in Youngstown, Ohio and Saginaw, Michigan as part of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour as well as Monster Truck Thunder in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Kicking off the Spring of 2023, Pérez would return to the Toxic identity on Toxic 1 in Arcadia, Florida at a 2xtreme MT event. For the following weekend Toxic 2.0 was rebodied as Illuminator, beginning with a Renegade Monster Truck Tour stop in Winchester, Virginia. The two trucks would compete together at the Renegade Monster Truck Tour event on April 15th in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The original PEI truck ran as Little Boy Blue for an HBO show called ''The Righteous Gemstones''. The second truck would run as Smokin' for one show driven by Cory Snyder.

The Warped Motorsports Team would run a limited first quarter schedule for 2024 with Preston Perez taking a short hiatus from the team to campaign Bone Shaker for Paul Breaud on the Hot Wheels Live Tour. For this limited run of shows, substitute drivers would be brought in beginning the last week of January with Travis Mowery in Salisbury, Maryland at the No Limits Monster Truck event.