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Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil circa 2012


FELD Motorsports


Taryn Laskey and Nicole Johnson

Body Style

Custom Front, 2005 Chevrolet Rear


540ci Merlin


2-Speed Coan


66" Terra


January 7, 2011



Theme Song

"Rockstar 101" by Rihanna (Later used for El Toro Loco Yellow's theme)

Tasmanian Devil was a monster truck owned by FELD Motorsports and driven by Nicole Johnson and Taryn Laskey from 2011-2012. The truck was renamed from Taz of the Looney Toons franchise to the DC Comics superhero under the same name.


In 2011, Adam Anderson left Taz to drive his new truck, Grave Digger the Legend. The truck was redesigned and renamed to Tasmanian Devil after the Warner Brothers partnership fell through at the end of 2010. The truck debuted with Nicole Johnson behind the wheel.

In 2012, Taryn Laskey took over for Nicole, who moved to Grinder to drive for Frank Krmel while he was injured.

In 2013, Frank returned to drive Grinder, and Taryn moved to Monster Mutt Dalmatian while Nicole moved to the new Scooby-Doo truck. Tasmanian Devil is retired. However, despite being discontinued, the truck is still featured in the 2014 yearbook meaning that Monster Jam might have had plans for the truck to return at some point.


  • As previously mentioned, the truck's change of identity was in response to the Warner Brothers sponsorship expiring.
    • The situation with this truck is very similar to what happened with Blue Thunder. Both original designs of the trucks lost their sponsorship in 2011, and resulted in new designs. Both trucks also had different drivers drive for a short amount of time before moving to new trucks and subsequently retiring the truck (although, Blue Thunder did return in 2013 after being retired for the 2012 season).
  • Taz was originally believed to be the same truck as Tasmanian Devil until it was discovered that the truck was based on the DC Comics superhero and not the Looney Toons character.