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Tailgator is a 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty monster truck owned and driven by Timothy Jones. It was originally created by Doug Noelke in 2006, who owned and drove the truck until 2020, when the original chassis was sold. Under Noelke's ownership, the truck served as the teammate to his previous truck, Big Dawg.


Tailgator was originally created in 2006, and began competition later in the year with Doug Noelke behind the wheel. Doug had gotten to keep the Snake Bite body that he used to fulfill bookings for Bigfoot, and was granted permission to the molding.

Noelke and the truck would compete in various leagues, including the Monster Truck Nationals, where they would win two freestyle championships in the league back-to-back in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. They would also compete in the Monster Truck Thunder Drags and Toughest Monster Truck Tour. During the latter tour, they would win the 2011 championship, Tailgator would also make its first Monster Jam appearance at Tulsa that year. Noelke continued to drive Tailgator until 2020, when the chassis was sold to Larry Jeffers and converted into Public Nuisance. Tailgator was placed on hiatus until the following year, when Timothy Jones acquired the name. Today, Tailgator currently serves as an alter-ego to Jones’ truck, Twisted Addiction.

In 2022, the truck ran 5 events on the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

In 2023, Timothy and the truck win the Toughest Monster Truck Tour & became the king of Springfield at the yearly shows in Missouri. Timothy made his Monster Jam debut in Tailgator in New Orleans 2023. The truck also returned to Monster Jam for the first time in several years in New Orleans. At the Miami, Oklahoma shows, Kermit the Frog was riding in the truck. Trent Montgomery drives the truck in Pueblo, Colorado. Tim and the truck would also compete at the Arlington show for Monster Jam. In Owensboro, Kentucky & in Amite, Louisiana, Jon Zimmer drives the truck.

In 2024, Trent Montgomery drives the truck in Waco, Texas. A new Albino paint scheme debuted at the Toughest Monster Truck Tour event in Lafayette, Louisiana on March 15, 2024. Jones would finish 5th in the overall standings. Ryan Robinson drove in Sarver, Pennsylvania & used the purple & green design.


  • The hood of Tailgator is notable for being recycled from the Snake Bite mold, just like the Alien Invasion was the old Iron Man.
  • The truck currently has a stuffed alligator hanging from the cab.