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Stomper (Currently known as Lethal Threat Stomper) is a Chevrolet Silverado monster truck owned by Joe Nitcher out of Kentucky. It is driven by both him and his daughter, Macey Nitcher, as well as Dalton Van Skyhawk on occasion.


Stomper was originally created in 2008 after Joe Nitcher acquired the previous Wild Hair truck from Ray Mowery. At the time of its creation, the truck featured an orange paint scheme, which would later be replaced by a yellow scheme featuring a horse on the side panels.

Joe continued to drive the truck full-time until 2013 when he began allowing his daughter, Macey Nitcher, to drive the truck. From that point onward, both Joe and Macey shared driving duties until Macey joined FELD Motorsports to serve as a fill-in driver for Monster Jam. This resulted in Stomper being placed on hiatus for the time being.

Stomper would return to competition in 2019, with Joe coming out of retirement to drive the truck. They would also receive a sponsorship from the Lethal Threat clothing line, resulting in the truck being rebranded as Lethal Threat Stomper. Since then, both Joe and Macey have continued to share driving duties together.

The truck would get a new paint in 2022 as a tribute to the original Stomper.