Stinger Unleashed
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Stinger Unleashed circa 2021


Zane Rettew


Zane Rettew

Body Style

Ford Raptor




2spd Abruzzi Powerglide


66" BKT 3rd Gens



Theme Song

"Sting in the Tail" by Scorpions

Overall event titles won


Stinger Unleashed, previously known as Stinger, debuted in 2011 with driver and owner Zane Rettew, who also owns Rettew Motorsports. The truck competes mainly in Monster Jam but also appears outside of it. The truck was known for its Ford Raptor body with the custom made rear end to resemble a scorpion. This trend made Stinger an instant fan favorite. The truck has gone to many chassis and names throughout its career.


  • 2011 - The first Stinger truck is built in the summer.
  • 2012 - The truck competes in it's first full season, mainly with the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.
  • 2013 - Zane and the truck join the Monster X Tour for their first full season on the tour.
  • 2014 - The truck makes it's Monster Jam debut in Trenton, NJ with an all new J&B chassis.
  • 2015 - The truck competes in it's first full year of Monster Jam.
  • 2016 - The team debuts a brand new chassis and body nicknamed Stinger 3.0. They would win multiple wheelie and freestyle competitions on the Monster Jam circuit, over the likes of Pablo Huffaker and Greg Wichenbach.
  • 2017 - The truck runs arena tour #6 along side it's new team mate Master of Disaster on the former Stinger 2k14. Zane and the truck are invited to compete in the Double Down Showdown at the World Finals. Later that year, the team removed the custom rear tail plug with a normal Ford Raptor cab due to the tail being difficult to continuously make.
  • 2018 - A brand new Stinger debuts on an all new Patrick Chassis, under the name Stinger Unleashed. It runs in the Monster Jam Arena Tour, and rolls during it's first ever freestyle. Sean Duhon drove the truck in Hamilton, Ontario.  
  • 2019 - Another new PEI chassis debuts, and Stinger 4.0 chassis becomes Pretty Wicked. Zane and the truck competed in the Monster Jam Arena Tour, taking second overall, yet still, he wasn't invited to World Finals 20.  
  • 2020- A Paul Cohen chassis debuts as Stinger 6, Stinger 5 becomes the second Pretty Wicked, and Stinger 4 becomes Bearly Tame. The new chassis runs a split tour between Monster Jam and Monster X Tour.
  • 2021- The Cohen chassis is converted to Bearly Tame and the truck received a new Metal Shop chassis.


There have been 6 chassis' run on Stinger Unleashed since its debut in 2011. In similar fashion to Grave Digger, each chassis is named by the team, however not labeled on the truck. The following list shows the history of each truck in and outside the team:

  • Unnamed chassis - a J&B built chassis built in 2011 and ran through 2013 when it was sold to Mike Harper of Harper Motorsports. In 2017, it was again sold to Wilmore Racing and turned it into Hardwired.
  • Stinger 2k14 - another J&B used in 2014 which competed until 2015. It was converted into Master of Disaster for 2016. It has since been sold and became Ghost Busters.
  • Stinger 3.0 - the 2016-2017 version was the third J&B chassis run on the truck. It was originally saved for a future build, but was ultimately sold to Australia to an unknown buyer.
  • Stinger Unleashed (Stinger 4.0) - a PEI Chassis built by Dan Patrick. It is currently was converted to Pretty Wicked for 2019. In 2020, it ran as Bearly Tame. Will become the teams fourth truck in 2021.
  • Stinger 5.0 - the second PEI Chassis from the team and used for 2019. Now the second version of Pretty Wicked.
  • Stinger V6- a new Paul Cohen chassis built in the end of 2019 to debut in the 2020 first quarter.
  • Stinger 7- A new Metal Shop chassis that will debut in 2021.

World Finals Appearances

  • 2017 - Zane Rettew (DDS)


  • The 2016 tail plug mold was custom made by Trey Myers.
  • Every year since 2013 Zane and the truck have competed at one of their hometown shows in Lancaster, PA. The show being at a tractor pull venue only minutes from their original shop, named Buck Motorsports Park. They have won all but one freestyle there (losing in 2016 to Iron Outlaw), even rolling in 2017.  
  • When asked if he likes scorpions, Zane will tell people that he actually has a fear for scorpions.  
  • With a total of 23 overall event wins as of December 2020, Stinger currently has more overall event wins than any other independently owned monster truck to date.


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