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Sin City Crusher is a 1941 Willys Pro Stock monster truck owned and driven by Darren Cox of Men of Sin City Racing out of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Sin City Crusher was originally created in 2006 after Men of Sin City Racing purchased the previous Terminator chassis from Wildfire Motorsports. At the time of its debut, the truck campaigned a Chevrolet Silverado body style, which was used by its predecessor.

After Men of Sin City Racing acquired Spellcaster from War Wizard Racing in 2007, said truck was converted into an all-new Sin City Crusher for the start of the 2007 season. The truck originally featured blue rims, but they would be repainted into chrome three years later.

Beginning in 2013, Men of Sin City Racing received a sponsorship from FireCore Performance Products. As a result, Sin City Crusher was rebranded as FireCore Crusher. This would be short-lived, however, as the truck was eventually destroyed in a trailer fire on July 15. Since then, Sin City Crusher has been placed on indefinite hiatus. Although a new chassis is currently under construction, no further details have been provided regarding the construction progress.


  • Despite the truck's theme song being "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock for competition, Sin City Crusher also used a secondary theme, which was, fittingly enough, called "Sin City Crusher." (See Video)




Sin City Crusher

The theme song can be heard at 2:04