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circa 2010

Screenshot 20190320-200944
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Circa 2017 on Grave Digger 27

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The Blue Retro Grave Digger was a specialty body run on Grave Digger 12 driven by Adam Anderson during the Monster Jam World Finals 11 encore. This truck was a replica of Grave Digger 1 and was essentially a prototype of Grave Digger the Legend in 2011. The main difference between this truck and Grave Digger the Legend is that this truck ran on a spare, green Grave Digger chassis, being Grave Digger 12. Grave Digger the Legend would have its own black chassis for full time competition, and the body was a repainted Grave Digger body, similar to the early Legend appearances, while the later body was a Ford panel wagon, the exact same body style as Grave Digger 1 really was during this incarnation.

In 2017, the truck returned for the Monster Jam World Finals 18 encore driven by Adam Anderson on Grave Digger 27