Radical Rescue
Radical Rescue circa 2002


FELD Entertainment


Ronnie Cochran

Body Style

1955 Chevy Cameo


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-speed


66" Terra





Theme Song

"X-Treme!!!" by The Rob Walsh Project

Radical Rescue was a 1955 Chevrolet Cameo monster truck driven by Ronnie Cochran during the 2002-2003 seasons. The truck was a tribute to those who died during the September 11 attacks. Radical Rescue was made into a Hot Wheels toy in 2018, and made yet again by Spin Master in 2019.


  • 2002- The truck debuts under Ronnie Cochran, touring alongside Grave Digger 7. In late 2002 the truck takes place in the first European tour
  • 2003- The truck returns for its second and final year, running a slightly largened logo and red rear wheels, but otherwise visually unchanged.
  • 2004- The truck is shelved.
  • 2005- A Hot Wheels toy is planned, but cancelled.
  • 2018- Radical Rescue is made into a toy by Hot Wheels with a completely new mold. Speculation about its return arises due to the truck being placed in the "new truck" category despite it being retired, and there being an entire category for retro themed trucks.
  • 2019- Radical Rescue is made into a toy once again, this time by Spin Master. Speculation returns, as the truck once again is placed into the "Arena Favorites" line despite the truck being retired, and not placed

    2018 Hot Wheels toy. Note how this version is on a custom concept mold, rather than that of a 1955 Chevy Cameo

    into the category of trucks that is dedicated to retired and former competitors. Not only this, but the truck returns with the exact same design as the 2018 Hot Wheels design


  • The chassis was formerly Grave Digger 10.
  • The truck was planned to be Beware of the Junkyard Dog, but the name was changed after 9/11. The Junkyard Dog idea was put on the body that would've been used for Hulk had the Marvel sponsorship not fallen through, and Monster Mutt was created.
  • The body style would later be used on the 2013 version of El Diablo.
    Screenshot 20190114-110851

    2019 Spin Master release


    2019 Spin Master toy

  • Radical Rescue is one of two trucks that were created as a direct result of 9/11. The other was Team Meents, which debuted in Maximum Destruction's place in 2002, since Tom Meents postponed its debut until 2003 out of respect.
  • Despite retiring in 2003, the truck was scheduled to have a Hot Wheels release in 2005. This was cancelled, however.
  • For the 2018 release of the truck, it strangely features a completely different, but very well detailed design, leading many to speculate the possible return of the truck in the future. The design returned for the 2019 Spin Master release, and was confirmed to be a FELD created redesign/
  • The truck shares many strange similarities with El Diablo. Aside from the fact both trucks are the only Chevy Cameo themed trucks Monster Jam has produced, red ones at that, but both trucks were run on former Grave Digger chassis.
  • Another Monster Jam concept truck, Suckerpunch, shares the same mold as the new Radical Rescue.
  • The truck is one of 4 Chevy Cameos planned by Monster Jam, with the other 3 being Beware of the Junkyard Dog, El Diablo, and the original concept for Whiplash.


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