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Paul Shafer with Monster Patrol

Paul Shafer is a famous monster truck owner and driver most notable for driving and creating the Monster Patrol truck.

Monster Patrol

In 1993, after four years of driving the mud racer, Mud Patrol, Paul Shafer went on to monster trucks. He put Tom Meents (Who would later drive Monster Patrol.) in Mud Patrol. 

Paul Shafer and Tom Meents are the best known drivers of the monster truck, but they aren't the only ones.

In 2010, a Monster Patrol is run in Australia under Monster Truck Promotions Australia with Paul driving in a few events.

In 2014, Monster Patrol is brought back and is now under Michael Phelps.

As of today, only two Monster Patrol trucks are run. (Michael Phelps' truck and the Australian version).

Bear Foot 

Bought from Fred Shafer (Who has no relation to Paul Shafer.), Bear Foot is the most famous truck owned by Paul Shafer. He usually doesn't drive it. Instead, drivers like Todd Frolik, Larry Swim, BJ Johnson and James Tiuge II drove it.

Other owned trucks

Paul Shafer owns several trucks and names. Rampage, Boogey Van, Monster Patrol, Bear Foot, Carolina Crusher, Captain USA, and the Jesse James Cadaver. Despite common belief, Paul has not sold any of the name to the trucks, only leasing them.


  • Paul often has teams not affiliated with him run his trucks' names.