Overkill Evolution
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Overkill Evolution circa 2019


Marty Garza and Michael Vaters Sr.


Mike Vaters II


2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty


572 C.I. Ford Performance/Roush Yates Engines C-Head (big block, blown, fuel injected on methanol)


2-speed FTI Performance Powerglide w/ Profab drop down quick chance transfer case


3rd Generation BKT


4-link bar style w/ 3" Overtime CNC Performance (4 nitrogen, 4 coil over) w/ 26" of travel


Pettibone planetaries w/ Black Rock Fabrication housings


January 4th, 2014

Theme song

"Overkill" by Motorhead

Overkill Evolution is a Ford monster truck built in late 2013 and debuted on January 4th, 2014 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. It is owned by Marty Garza (Overkill, Maximum Overkill, and Extreme Overkill) and is operated by Michael Vaters (Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education). The truck has competed in every World Finals since 2014 winning the same years Double Down Showdown and the following years Freestyle Championship. It is currently driven by Mikey Vaters since 2014.


  • 2013 - Owner Marty Garza and Michael Vaters teamed up to design and build Overkill Evolution. The build began in late October and was finished just days before the set debut at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK on January 4th, 2014.
  • 2014 - Overkill Evolution debuts driven by Mikey Vaters just over two months after the truck build was started. It could even be argued that the truck wasn't even completely finished by January 4th, as the truck did not yet have its purple flame decals. At the Monster Jam World Finals 15 later that year, Mikey won the Young Guns Shootout, earning the 32nd spot in the Monster Jam World Finals 15.
  • 2015 - Mikey would go on to win the world freestyle championship at the Monster Jam World Finals 16 (despite giving a spectacular freestyle, however, many fans complained that Overkill's run was overscored, while others were underscored).
  • 2016 - The truck would compete for the first time in the FS1 Championship Series. It would also run a chrome colored body at Monster Jam World Finals 17. On August 8, 2016 Overkill Evolution appeared in a Roman Atwood video where he crushes a police car.
  • 2017 - The truck competed on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 4 with the chrome body. Sean Duhon drives the truck mid series as Vaters took the time off for his wife's new born baby.
  • 2018 - The truck once again ran on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 4 with Vaters collecting multiple freestyle wins along the way. After first quarter, Mikey took some time off from driving to spend some time with his family. Different drivers like Brad Allen and Daron Basl filled in for him for a few events. Interestingly, it also debuted a slightly different body scheme featuring bigger flames. In August, after an event sweep in Lancaster, PA, Mikey challenged Zane Rettew to a showdown at the track for July or August 2019 as Zane lives just down the road.
  • 2019 - The truck is set to run on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 3. It debuts the 2019 model of the Ford Super Duty. Mikey gets the racing wins in Anaheim and Atlanta, but has multiple problems during the tour.

World Finals Appearances

  • 2014 - Mike Vaters II (YGS: Mike Vaters II) (wins the YGS)
  • 2015 - Mike Vaters II (won freestyle)
  • 2016 - Mike Vaters II
  • 2017 - Mike Vaters II
  • 2018 - Mike Vaters II
Overkill Evolution close call

Overkill Evolution close call

The close call

2018 Incident

On August 30th 2018, at Paris Ontario, Overkill Evolution was doing freestyle during a competition, when the truck slid dangerously close to a crowd of spectators. Nobody was injured in the incident, but the team would be suspended from the MTRA the following day. Marty Garza resigned from the Board of Directors that same day. This resignation would only be temporary, as after further investigation Marty decided to return to the board.