Outback Thunda
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Circa 2019


KC's Fireworks/Clive Featherby


Clive Featherby

Body Style

Custom 3-D Bronco

Engine Chevrolet Big Block


Powerglide 2-speed Automatic


66' Terra



Outback Thunda is a monster truck out of Australia driven by Clive Featherby since 2003. He is also the founder of KC's Fireworks Displays Aust. as well as Monster Truck Promotions Australia. It has also run under the name Electrical Products.


In 2003, Outback Thunda is rebranded from Broncos Magic, on the old Lunatic USA chassis.

In 2008, the recently purchased Devil's Dodge chassis is used as a second truck. Both versions compete at the South Pacific World Finals 1.

In 2009, the first truck is rebuilt and updated such as the implementation of nitrogen shocks. Both trucks compete at the South Pacific World Finals 2.

In 2010, a third chassis is bought and imported, and competes at the South Pacific World Finals 3. The truck travels overseas and competes in the Winter Nationals and 4-Wheel Jamboree in 2012. The first truck is retired.

In 2013, the truck receives a new design. Outback Thunda 2 is converted into Crusty Demons.

In 2017, the truck once again receives a new design as well as a new chassis, being the old Obsession.


Like Bigfoot, Grave Digger and Stinger Unleashed, each chassis was numbered. The following list shows the history of the trucks' chassis.

  • #1.5 - The unofficial name it was given after #1's rebuild in 2009. Retired in 2010.
  • #3 - PEI chassis which debuted in 2010. Traveled and competed in the U.S in 2012. Now permanently competing as a second truck in China.
  • #4 - Debuted in 2017 which was formally the old Obsession.