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No Problem!


John and Heidi Moore


John Moore

Body Style

1989 Ford Bronco


460 Ford


Ford C-6


66" Goodyear Terra





No Problem! was a series of Ford monster trucks owned by John and Heidi Moore out of Lafayette, Tennessee.

The first truck was a 1979 Bronco. It was street driven for some time before being modified. It was registered as boat. It would become full blown monster truck in the mid to late 1980s.

The second truck was a 1989 Ford Bronco. It was redesigned to be competitive on the TNT circuit. It would run rather competitively until 1992. This truck would be sold after being featured in Knight Rider 2010. It was also one of the truck frames used to create the Herbie: Fully Loaded truck. Terry Woodcock was in the process of restoring it, but has contemplated selling it if the purchaser restores it to No Problem. Galoob Toys created an alternate paint job for a toy that John turned down for the real truck.

The third truck was a custom tube frame with a Ford Centurion body. It was known for having a radical elliptical style suspension similar to what the Perrins and Ed Eckert would run with their trucks. Kirk Dabney would purchase it and run it as Overkill on a few occasions. It was resigned, and sold and became Xtreme Whiplash, and then Twisted Addiction.