New Earth Authority Police
B20A2457 web
N.E.A. Police circa 2017 on Trouble Maker


FELD Motorsports


Aaron Basl and Travis Groth

Body Style

Custom futuristic police vehicle


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-Speed


66" Tires





New Earth Authority (N.E.A Police) was a custom-bodied monster truck driven by Travis Groth and Aaron Basl. The truck debuted in Tacoma 2014, had expanded to two trucks in 2015, and up to three trucks in 2016. The truck was designed as a futuristic police vehicle.


N.E.A. Police was announced in 2013 to compete in Monster Jam with driver Norman Miller.

In January of 2014 the truck debuts in Tacoma, Wa, later that month Norm and the truck got their first major stadium freestyle win in Phoenix.

In late 2014, it was announced that Aaron Basl, former driver of Wolverine, would compete with N.E.A. in the More Monster Jam tour.

In 2015, Basl competed with the truck on the 2015 More Monster Jam Tour on the El Matador chassis. N.E.A. got a racing victory with driver John Seasock at the second Anaheim event and the following week Norm Miller would win racing at the second San Diego event. N.E.A. got invited to the 4th Young Guns Shootout with rookie driver Colt Stephens behind the wheel, making it to the finals and getting second to Monster Energy.

In 2016, the truck would receive a new design, being the dark chrome blue body from the World Finals XVI racing encore. Travis Groth would join team N.E.A., he along with Aaron Basl would run the blue body for the West and East More Monster Jam (2016) tours respectively. Aaron runs the body on his Flame Motorsports King Krunch chassis and Travis used his Trouble Maker chassis. Miller stops driving for Monster Jam.

In 2017, Aaron Basl and Travis Groth continue to run in the #More Monster Jam Tours with the blue scheme. This would be the trucks final season competing. The truck's last appearance was on December 16, in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Travis Mowery behind the wheel. Afterwards, the truck was put on indefinite hiatus.

World Finals Appearances

  • 2015 - Colt Stephens (YGS)
  • 2016 - Travis Groth (YGS)


  • Norm Miller, a former driver, is a police chief in his town. 
  • N.E.A and DoomsDay were believed by fans to be "enemies", mainly for their similar bodies. N.E.A. did race Doomsday once in San Diego in 2015, with N.E.A. getting the win.
  • N.E.A's theme song was "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle, the theme song for the reality TV show "Cops".
  • Despite being retired from competition in 2017, the truck still appeared at Monster Jam's website till January 2019.