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Monster Truck Throwdown is a monster truck racing league managed by North Star Ranch Inc. and comprised of independent teams who put on shows in small towns and some cities. It was started in 2012 and is one of the newest leagues for monster truck racing. Shows are usually held at fairgrounds in the summer months and mainly featured in the mid-west, the east coast, and the northeastern parts of the United States and in certain provinces of Canada. The show features wheelie competitions, racing, and freestyle competitions, with the side shows including motorcross freestyle. In 2014, Throw Down for What, a DVD featuring highlights from Monster Truck Throwdown was released.

In recent years, Monster Truck Throwdown has gained popularity. Some monster truck purists have praised the league for usage of crush cars and buses, of which Monster Jam has been accused of reducing the use of in recent years, resulting in much controversy among several fans.

Compared to other leagues, Monster Truck Throwdown uses a more competitive seasonal format, crowning an overall series champion at the final event.


MONSTER TRUCK THROWDOWN 2013 Highlights -monsterlife

MONSTER TRUCK THROWDOWN 2013 Highlights -monsterlife

Highlight video of Monster Truck Throwdown in 2013

2013- Devin Jones (Barbarian)

2014- Jamey Garner (Over Bored)

2015- Greg Wichenbach (Crushstation)

2016- Greg Winchenbach (Crushstation)

2018- John Gordon (Bad Company)

2019- Jamey Garner (Over Bored)

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