Monster Truck Madness is a game for the Game Boy Advance, being the 4th installment in the Monster Truck Madness series. It was released in 2001, and was published by THQ.


The game strays quite differently from the other MTM games, as this game plays much more like racing games released on the Nintendo 64, such as Cruisin' USA! and other games from the Cruisin' series. The player races in a 6 truck race with a choice of 30 tracks, and a time trial mode. There are also several weapons, and items, in similar vein to Monster Truck Madness 64.


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Screenshot 2018-06-08-08-47-45

Brian Barthel's Monster Patrol

Fictional Trucks

Unplayable Trucks

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The game was moderately well received, earning a 4/5 on Metacritic and a 3.41/5 on GameFaqs.


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    The Unused Snake Bite, seen on the title screen

    The game has a notable lack of big names, mainly from the Shafer camp (such as Bear Foot, and Boogey Van), and a complete lack of any Bigfoot related trucks (aside from Snakebite)
  • Snake Bite was intended to be a playable truck, but was cut from the game. The truck's model can still be seen on the main menu screen however.
  • This was the only video game appearance of Brian Barthel's Monster Patrol.