Monster Mutt Rottweiler
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Monster Mutt Rottweiler circa 2017 on Higher Education


FELD Entertainment (name), Vaters Motorsports (truck)


Cory Snyder

Body Style

Custom Dog


557 CI Block Ford, Blown/Alcohol Injected (Vaters)


C-6 with Pro Fab Transfer Case (Vaters)


66" Terra /BKT



Theme Song

"Dog" by Sebastian

Monster Mutt Rottweiler is a custom bodied monster truck driven by Cory Snyder, though the truck has had multiple drivers over the years. The truck debuted in 2011 with Charles Benns driving as the second spin off of Monster Mutt. In 2014, the truck debuted a brand new 3D body which is run to this date. Monster Mutt Rottweiler has competed at World Finals 15 and 16 under Rod Schmidt.


  • 2011 - The truck debuts in Houston under Charles Benns.
  • 2013 - Rod Schmidt takes over the wheel of Rottweiler.
  • 2014 - The truck debuts a new custom 3D body in Houston. The truck also competes in its first World Finals under Schmidt. Later that year, Colt Stephens, son of Scott Stephens, drove Rottweiler for the Australian Monster Jam tour. In December Daron Basl joins the team running the body on his Nitro Hornet chassis for the original More Monster Jam tour.
  • 2015 - The team expands to three trucks with Michael Vaters (on his Black Stallion chassis) running the Rottweiler body. Basl continues to run the body for the More Monster Jam tour. Rod Schmidt continues to run the truck even competing at the World Finals.
  • 2016 - The team goes back to two trucks with Rod Schmidt & Daron Basl; Basl competed in the Monster Jam AMSOIL Series East
  • 2017 - Rod retires. JR Seasock joins the team for Vaters Motorsports and runs the body on the Higher Education chassis. Daron Basl runs the body on the 2016 King Krunch chassis. Cory Snyder runs the Vaters version during the summer.
  • 2018 - The body is run on three independent team chassis'. Cory Snyder takes over JR Seasock on Higher Education for Triple Threat East, Jack Brown on FTI Torque for the RKMT team and runs on the Triple Threat Central, and Brad Allen on Brutus for Team Scream Racing on a Stadium Tour. Allen also competed with the truck on the Double Down Showdown.
  • 2019 - Brad and Jack leaves the team. Cory continues to campaign the name on Higher Education and competes on the Triple Threat Series Central Tour

World Finals Appearances

  • 2014 - Rod Schmidt
  • 2015 - Rod Schmidt
  • 2018 - Brad Allen (DDS)

List of Trucks That Have Run As Monster Mutt Rottweiler

  • Black Stallion (Mike Vaters)
  • Nitro Hornet (Daron Basl)
  • King Krunch (Daron Basl)
  • El Matador (Daron Basl)
  • Higher Education/Taurus (JR Seasock/Cory Snyder)
  • FTI Torque (Jack Brown)
  • Brutus (Brad Allen)


  • FELD Motorsports owned Rod Schmidt's and Charles Benns' chassis, where as Mike Vaters owns the Higher Education and his own versions chassis', David Smith owned both of Daron Basl's editions, and Jim Koehler owns the Brad Allen edition. 
  • This truck has some unusual differences than the other 3 Monster Mutt spinoffs. The trucks 3D design debuted in 2014, 2 years earlier than Monster Mutt and Monster Mutt Dalmatian's redesign. Its body was also surpringly different from the other 2, Rottweiler featured 3D spikes on its collar, a feature that is absent on the other Mutts. Other than that, the trucks tail is shorter than the others. Most notably, Rottweiler doesn't have a tongue, which served as the Monster Mutt's main feature since 2003.
  • Rottweiler, NEA Police, Zombie and Blue Thunder were the first FELD owned trucks to be run on an independent teams chassis while competing full time.
  • As of 2019, the truck's chassis is independently owned.