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The competitors posing for a photo

Monster Jam World Finals 4 was held on March 22, 2003 at Sam Boyd Stadium. This would be the first World Finals shown on SPEED, the first World Finals in which Tom Meents didn't win at least one championship, and the first World Finals in which Dennis Anderson did not compete, as he was recovering from a broken hand. Pablo Huffaker would compete for him in Grave Digger. Such an incident would not happen again until 14 years later at Monster Jam World Finals 18, in which Dennis would not compete due to internal injuries, except in that case, Tom Meents would also be out due to an injury.

This was also the first and only event from the 2003 season to be televised, as Monster Jam was only able to secure a TV deal after the event had taken place and not early enough to broadcast any other events from the season.

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Track Layout

The racing track was the same as the previous year's, with the freestyle track including two buses facing longways in the center, a rail car and a 30 foot tall trailer on the right side, a delivery truck and an RV added to the right lane, a rock pile and a garbage truck on the left side, and a bus and an RV on a flatbed trailer in the left lane.

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  1. Avenger - Jim Koehler
  2. Blacksmith - Carl Van Horn
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  3. Black Stallion - Michael Vaters
  4. Blue Thunder - Lyle Hancock (Last World Finals appearance)
  5. Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten
  6. El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza (World Finals debut)
  7. Grave Digger 16 - Pablo Huffaker
  8. Gunslinger - Scott Hartsock
  9. Madusa - Madusa
  10. Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents
  11. Monster Mutt - Todd Frolik (World Finals debut; only World Finals appearance)
  12. Power Forward - Chad Fortune
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  13. SoBe - Kathy Winston (World Finals debut)
  14. Spider-Man - Bobby Zee (World Finals debut)
  15. Sudden Impact - John Seasock
  16. Wolverine - Brian Barthel

Qualifying Times

  1. Bounty Hunter - 16.96
  2. Wolverine - 17.18
  3. Grave Digger - 17.21
  4. Blacksmith - 17.34
  5. Gunslinger - 17.47
  6. Spider-Man - 17.92
  7. Monster Mutt - 18.02
  8. Madusa - 18.10
  9. Blue Thunder - 18.24
  10. Sudden Impact - 19.59
  11. SoBe - 19.69
  12. Black Stallion - 19.78
  13. El Toro Loco - 37.81
  14. Maximum Destruction - DNF
  15. Avenger - DNF
  16. Power Forward - DNQ

World Finals Racing

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Racing Round 1

Bounty Hunter vs. Power Forward

Madusa vs. Blue Thunder

Spider Man vs. SoBe

Black Smith vs. El Toro Loco

Grave Digger vs. Maximum Destruction

Gunslinger vs. Black Stallion (crashes)

Sudden Impact vs. Monster Mutt

Wolverine vs. Avenger

Gunslinger, breaking Tom Meents' 13 race streak

Racing Round 2

Bounty Hunter vs. Madusa

Spider Man vs. Black Smith

Maximum Destruction vs. Gunslinger

Sudden Impact vs. Wolverine

Racing Semi Finals

Gunslinger (blown engine) vs. Wolverine

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Bounty Hunter vs. Black Smith

Championship Race

Bounty Hunter vs. Wolverine

Freestyle Order

  1. Blacksmith
  2. Sudden Impact
  3. Wolverine
  4. SoBe
  5. Power Forward
  6. El Toro Loco
  7. Monster Mutt
  8. Spider-Man
  9. Avenger
  10. Madusa
  11. Black Stallion
  12. Bounty Hunter
  13. Blue Thunder
  14. Grave Digger
  15. Maximum Destruction

Freestyle Scores


  1. Avenger - 37
    Screenshot 2018-10-29-21-53-41.png
  2. El Toro Loco - 36

    Monster Mutt's first World Finals Freestyle

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  3. Blue Thunder - 34
  4. Madusa - 32
  5. Black Stallion - 30
  6. Power Forward - 29
  7. Sudden Impact - 27
  8. Black Smith - 24
  9. SoBe - 22
  10. Spider Man - 22
  11. Grave Digger - 20
  12. Wolverine - 16
  13. Bounty Hunter - 14
  14. Maximum Destruction - 13
  15. Monster Mutt - 9
  16. Gunslinger - DNF


Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction 2, and two Blue Thunders performed a bonus freestyle. The encore started with Lyle Hancock returning to the track with his Blue Thunder, still damaged from Freestyle. After driving back and forth across the track, going over the car stacks with great speed, then Hancock brought the truck over to the corner of the stadium where he lined up to go over the trailer. As he did this, Tony Farrell brought out the second Blue Thunder truck in unison with Hancock's jump. As the two went over more obstacles, Pablo Huffaker and Tom Meents brought out Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction, with Huffaker entering the traditional way, and Meents leaping the trailer which had ended his freestyle. It was at this point that Farrell's Blue Thunder rolled over after going over the container obstacle. Grave Digger hit the car stack one time, and Maximum Destruction flew over the center bus obstacle, before the trucks were shut off.

Other Rewards

  • Rookie of the Year: Rick Raab, American Guardian & George Balhan, Spider-Man
  • Extreme Air: Scott Hartsock, Gunslinger
  • Crash Madness: Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger
  • Save of the Year: Dennis Anderson, Grave Digger
  • Improved Team: David Rappach, Rap Attack & David Smith, King Krunch
  • Team of the Year: Racesource Race Team, Pablo, Tina & Ryan Huffaker, Carl Van Horn, Grave Digger & Blacksmith
  • Special Recognition for Innovations in the Sport: Patrick Enterprises (Samson), Racesource Race Team (Grave Digger & Blacksmith), 2Xtreme Racing (Bounty Hunter & Scarlet Bandit) & Deist Safety
  • Special Recognition Award: Special T Tracks, Pro Tracks, & Dirt Wurx
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  • Sponsor of the Year: Ford
  • Freestyle of the Year: Tom Meents, Maximum Destruction
  • Sportsman of the Year: Rick Disharoon, Backdraft


  • This Monster Jam World Finals had the fewest crashes of any Monster Jam World Finals event; only four crashes in total (one in racing and three in freestyle).
  • This was SoBe's only World Finals appearance (as Kathy Wintson transferred to Team Suzuki for next year's World Finals).
  • This was the first, and currently only time where a truck would record the lowest score at the previous World Finals, and would then go on to win the competition the next year, in this case, being Avenger.
  • This was the first world finals where a non-corporate-owned truck won a championship, being Jim Koehler in Avenger.
  • It is debatable as to if this the only World Finals won entirely by independent teams. Brian Barthel (racing) owned the Wolverine chassis, but was working with a corporate sponsorship. Jim Koehler (freestyle) being fully independent. The fastest qualifying pass was also by an independent team, being Bounty Hunter.
  • This would be the first World Finals where Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction ended his freestyle run early. He was coming from the left side (normally drivers come in from the right side), went for a flat bedded motor home that was right in front of him when he was entering, it went straight up and down, and the left side got caught in the motor home and got stuck. He tried getting it off but the truck wouldn't budge.
    • Another first for Tom is the first time he was defeated in racing. The man he lost to was Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger. Tom had a 13 race winning streak from round 1 of World Finals 1 to round 1 of This World Finals.
  • 51771432 2463717277036443 8318479181285425152 o.jpg
    Pablo Huffaker was planned to drive Dennis' Grave Digger 14. Pablo could not reach the controls well, and ended up crashing through Thunder Alley during practice runs. As a result, Pablo drove Grave Digger 16 instead for the rest of the show. He would drive 14 during the encore though.
  • 15826287 10154668202316391 2323747603741634049 n.jpg
    Adding to this, both Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction would lose control and break break through the fences at Thunder Alley during practice and qualifying. Avenger would spin out during qualifying, but not hit the fence.
  • Dennis Anderson was in the broadcast booth for both the racing and freestyle shows on SPEED.
  • 52076011 2463710477037123 4314193566776688640 o.jpg
    This would be the final TV appearance of Lyle Hancock and Todd Frolik as both retired after this event was broadcast.
  • This would be the final World Finals event to have Spider-Man and Wolverine before 2010 when Spider Man returned and 2012 with Wolverine.
    • 51674584 2463710467037124 3567581014958014464 o.jpg
      Additionally, this was the only World Finals event to have

the original versions of both Marvel trucks compete for both racing and freestyle.

  • This was the first World Finals where Dennis Anderson did not compete.
  • Screenshot 20190126-230730.jpg
    This was the only World Finals appearance of Todd Frolik as a competitor.
  • This was the first World Finals in which the winning truck would finish the full amount of allotted time, and not roll over.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was intended to debut at this event. With the body not being ready, the debut was postponed.
  • This was the first World Finals to have multiple crush cars left intact at the end of the entire show, as the backside of the semi trailer stack was never jumped, even before El Toro Loco got stuck
  • This was the first World Finals to feature the slot machine containing balloons inside, Blacksmith driver Carl Van Horn would be the first truck to hit the slot machine.
  • This is the first world finals to not feature Bulldozer.
  • This was the only World Finals to be announced by Joe Lowe.

Non Competing trucks

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