The first "official" Monster Jam World Finals was held on March 25th, 2000. This event featured a sixteen truck lineup. It was broadcasted on Pay-Per-View the day after the event.

Tom Meents, driving Goldberg, won the first Racing title over Scott Hartsock in Gunslinger.

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Dennis Anderson, driving Grave Digger, won the first Freestyle title with a perfect score of 40.

Despite the fact that only Airborne Ranger and King Krunch were pulled out due to damage and mechanical problems in racing, WCW Nitro Machine, Prowler, and Reptoid's freestyles were not shown on the recordings.

Track Layout


World Finals 1 Track

The track layout was basic compared to modern standards, but many consider it to be a great track for its age.

The track had two trucks starting beside each other behind the stadium. They drove down the length of the stadium, made a U-turn and hit a car stack, crossing the finish line in the process.


  1. Airborne Ranger - Joe Cypher
    Unsdfdsfsdfnamed at the World Finals 1 Celebrity Drive event.

  2. Avenger - Jim Koehler
  3. Bulldozer - Guy Wood
  4. Goldberg - Tom Meents
  5. Grave Digger 7 - Dennis Anderson
  6. Gunslinger - Scott Hartsock
  7. King Krunch - Scott Stephens
  8. Madusa - Madusa
  9. WCW Nitro Machine - Charlie Pauken
  10. NWO - Rob Knell (Only World Finals appearance)
  11. Predator - Allen Pezo
  12. Prowler - Dave Pezo (Only World Finals appearance)
  13. Reptoid - Jim Jack (Only World Finals appearance)
  14. Sting - Sky Hartley (Only World Finals appearance)
    Screenshot 20190204-113325
  15. Sudden Impact - John Seasock
  16. - Lyle Hancock

World Finals Racing

Round 1 Racing

Goldberg vs. WCW Nitro Machine

Bulldozer vs. Predator
Screenshot 2018-03-01-20-44-40

Airborne Ranger after spinning out, and slamming against the wall

Sudden Impact vs. (crashes but successfully exits the stadium)

nWo vs. Sting

Madusa vs. Airborne Ranger (crashes)

Reptoid vs. Gunslinger

King Krunch vs. Avenger

Grave Digger vs. Prowler

Round 2 Racing

Screenshot 2018-02-25-00-28-09

Predator, after losing control and hitting the wall in the same spot Airborne Ranger previously did

Goldberg vs. Predator (crashes but successfully exits the stadium)
10960456 1017870154893481 1210330277768989227 o vs. Sting

Madusa vs. Gunslinger

King Krunch vs. Grave Digger


Goldberg vs.

Gunslinger vs. King Krunch (blown engine)

Championship Race

Goldberg vs. Gunslinger


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  1. Grave Digger: 40
  2. 39
  3. nWo: 37
  4. Goldberg: 37
  5. Madusa: 34

    Goldberg Breaks Wheel Off

  6. Gunslinger: 34
  7. Predator: 29
  8. Sting: 26
  9. Sudden Impact: 26

    Wrenchhead's reverse sky wheelie

  10. Avenger: 26
  11. Bulldozer: 26
  12. WCW Nitro Machine: 19 (Freestyle never shown on TV)

    The aftermath of WCW Nitro Machine's Unseen freestyle

  13. Prowler: 16 (Freestyle never shown on TV)
  14. Reptoid: 4 (Freestyle never shown on TV)
  15. Airborne Ranger: DNF
  16. King Krunch: DNF


  • This would be the only World Finals appearance of Reptoid (currently; though he did
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    Unseen Reptoid Freestyle

    compete at the World Finals 0), Prowler (currently), nWo, WCW Nitro Machine, and Airborne Ranger (currently).
  • Prowler, Reptoid, and Nitro Machine's freestyles were not seen
    Screenshot 2018-08-09-21-06-01

    Reptoid, smoking out before ever touching an obstacle

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    Prowler's Unseen freestyle

    on the PPV broadcast, nor the VHS and DVD releases.
  • This was the only Monster Jam World Finals event to take place in Las Vegas, NV without an encore performance at the end.
  • This was the only World Finals where a certain monster truck didn't head for any of the obstacles in the main events of the show at all (Airborne Ranger), aside from its successful qualifying run the night earlier.
  • This event also featured freestyle motocross with Mike Metzger and Brian Deegan. Mike would win the three rounds of competition. This was only seen on the PPV broadcast.
  • Supercross' Robbie Floyd was in attendance, broadcasting the freestyle motocross portion of the show.
  • Both Airborne Ranger and Predator had the same type of racing crash during racing, but very ironically, only Predator fully survived the impact of such a collision with one of the stadium's walls.
  • Bill Goldberg was in attendance, watching Tom Meents drive his truck. He also joined the broadcast booth twice during racing.
  • Lyle Hancock said in his interview during the first Minneapolis freestyle stop in the 2001 season that his original plans were to hit the container in reverse and do a 360, possibly meaning a reverse backflip situation.
  • Michael Vater's Black Stallion was scheduled to be here in attendance, but was booked for a Thunder Nationals event in Richmond, VA and was unavailable to be at this event. Black Stallion didn't compete at the World Finals until a year later in 2001.

Pit Party

Screenshot 20190305-170755