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Current Monster Jam logo, used since 2016

Monster Jam is a monster truck series officiated by the USHRA and owned by FELD Motorsports. The name was first used for a USHRA event in October of 1992 and is the longest running and most successful monster truck competition series to date.

The very first USHRA "Monster Jam" event; October 17th 1992

Grave Digger is Monster Jam's flagship truck and was the first truck the company would purchase.

While the name "Monster Jam" was first used in 1992, not all events officiated by the USHRA (outside of Thunder Nationals) were promoted as Monster Jam events. Names such as "Power Jam", "Ultimate Thrill Show", "Grand Slam Super Series", "Motor Spectacular", and "The Superbowl of Motorsports" were used intermittently for USHRA events during the 1990's, some even into the 2000's. Some events in 1999 were even given the name "USA Motor Spectacular", following the buyout of USA Motorsports the following year, despite being USHRA-officiated events. However, these are all considered "Monster Jam" events, due to them all being officiated by the USHRA and all part of the same monster truck series.

From 1995-1998, there was no official points series championship, meaning the drivers were competing for individual event championships only. Monster Jam would bring back the points series in 1999, but once again retire it by 2004. In 2015, the points series was reintroduced in two new tours, the Amsoil More Monster Jam Triple Threat Series and the Fox Sports 1 Championship series. To this day, Monster Jam still runs a points series that all drivers compete in.

Every year from 2000 to 2019, and now returning in 2022, a Monster Jam World Finals championship event has taken place, and has since become one of the most popular and coveted monster truck events. However, as a result of complications onset by the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Finals wasn't held 2020 or 2021, though the World Finals will return in 2022. Common misconception is that the first Monster Jam World Finals took place in 1999, being the Motor Madness World Finals, but the USHRA had been hosting monster truck World Finals events since as early as 1987. From 1995-1998, there were no official Monster Jam World Finals events. However, every year until 2000, the USHRA tractor-pulling World Finals was held at the Houston Astrodome in November and would feature monster truck competition.

Due to the large scope of Monster Jam's event schedule and large roster of trucks, the series has had many different tours, including a European tour, a Canadian tour, an Australian tour, a concrete-only arena tour (Thunder Nationals), a freestyle-only arena tour (Freestyle Mania), and two summer tours (Path of Destruction and the Summer Heat speedway tour). Nine video games and one mobile app have been licensed by Monster Jam and made by various developers.


  • 1992 - The first USHRA "Monster Jam" event takes place in the Pontiac Silverdome on October 17th.
  • 1993 - Monster Jam events are televised as part of the USHRA Monster Wars series.
  • 1997 - "Inside Monster Jam" is broadcast on ESPN 2, being the first televised USHRA program since 1993. SFX buys Monster Jam/SRO-Pace Motorsports.
  • 1998 - SFX/Pace gains the naming rights to Grave Digger. Inside Monster Jam airs its final season. Monster Jam is broadcast on TNN's Motor Madness following the buyout of USA Motorsports. Bigfoot and Monster Jam part ways, with the former only returning once in 2003.
  • 1999 - SFX/Pace gains the naming rights to Bulldozer. The final non-numbered Monster Jam World Finals takes place in St. Louis, MO with Bear Foot winning. Monster Jam signs multiple independent teams to merchandising deals.
  • 2000 - Hot Wheels begins producing Monster Jam die-cast toys. Several trucks based off of popular WCW wrestlers debut. Monster Jam World Finals 1 takes place in Las Vegas. Clear Channel buys SFX and gains the naming rights to Monster Jam.
  • 2001 - Monster Jam's contract with WCW expires by the end of the year, retiring trucks like Goldberg. El Toro Loco, Blue Thunder, and Blacksmith debut. Marvel trucks Wolverine and Spider-Man also debut.
  • 2002 - The first Monster Jam show out of North America takes place in Paris, France.
  • 2003 - Monster Jam begins broadcasting on Speed, yet missing the entire winter season. Avenger becomes the first independent to win a World Finals Freestyle Championship. Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debut. Monster Jam's final points series until 2015 takes place.
  • 2004 - At Monster Jam World Finals 5, El Toro Loco, Madusa, and Maximum Destruction infamously tie for the lead in the freestyle competition with 31, resulting in all three trucks being crowned the 2004 freestyle champion. This resulted in the tie-breaking system being introduced, where the highest judge score and the lowest judge score would be dropped, and in the event of a tie, they would be re-added.
  • 2005 - An Escalade, Pastrana 199, Superman, and Taz debut.
  • 2006 - Live Nation gains the naming rights to Monster Jam. Air Force Afterburner and Batman debut.
  • 2007 - Captain's Curse and Monster Mutt Dalmatian debut.
  • 2008 - Future Monster Jam recordings, mainly for TV broadcast were now recorded in high 720p quality, as well as in a fullscreen ratio. DVDs were still limited to 480p and a 4:3 ratio. Backwards Bob and Spitfire debut at the Monster Jam World Finals 9 encore. The Spitfire name, however, would receive a lawsuit from an unknown party, resulting in the truck being renamed to "Spitfire Monster Truck" and then eventually put on hiatus. It would also cause the encore to be omitted from both the DVD and any of the TV broadcasts. FELD Motorsports gains the naming rights to Monster Jam.
  • 2009 - Monster Jam later celebrates its 10th annual World Finals competition, being coined the "Decade of Destruction". At the event, Captain's Curse would suffer one of the most violent Monster Jam crashes in history, where the truck would lose brakes at the turn in racing, causing the truck to tumble down the track and land in the tarped-off section of the stands. The crash and two others would be omitted from the DVD and the SPEED broadcast, due to two fatal accidents that took place earlier in the year, one of which was at a Monster Jam event. Advance Auto Parts becomes the title sponsor at the end of the year, and their sponsor truck,Advance Auto Parts Grinder, debuts.
  • 2010 - The Freestyle Mania arena tour is introduced. The first backflip in competition is performed by Cam McQueen in Nitro Circus. Spider-Man returns to Monster Jam, and Iron Man debuts as its teammate truck. Mohawk Warrior debuts (using Obsession's chassis).
  • 2011 - Lucas Oil Crusader, Grave Digger the Legend, Monster Mutt Rottweiler and Son-Uva Digger debut. Spitfire also re-debuts under the new name, Dragon's Breath.
  • 2012 - The Path of Destruction tour starts. Grave Digger's 30th anniversary is celebrated. Monster Energy, Metal Mulisha, Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, Captain America and Northern Nightmare debut. Wolverine returns to Monster Jam.
  • 2013 - Max-D celebrates it's "Decade of Destruction". Advanced Auto Parts backs out from being Monster Jam's title sponsor on December 9. El Diablo, Scooby-Doo!, and Zombie debut. Special colored trucks debut with the Black and Yellow El Toro Locos.
  • 2014 - #MoreMonsterJam is introduced in December. Monster Jam starts broadcasting on FS1 after Speed goes defunct. FELD teams up with BKT tires. All Marvel and DC trucks are retired by the end of the year. Fox Sports 1 Cleatus, New Earth Authority (N.E.A Police), and Dragon debut.
  • 2015 - The Fox Sports 1 Championship Series is started. Zombie Hunter, and Soldier Fortune debut. BKT tires begin to be run on the trucks.
  • 2016 - Monster Jam gets a new, updated, and modern logo which is used to this day. The first event in Japan takes place. Alien Invasion, Gas Monkey Garage, Pirate's Curse, Monster Mutt Junkyard Dog and VP Racing Fuels' The Mad Scientist debut.
  • 2017 - Monster Jam celebrates their 25th Anniversary. Grave Digger celebrates it's 35th anniversary. The first frontflip in competition is performed by Lee O'Donnell in VP Racing Fuels' The Mad Scientist at the World Finals. DC returns to Monster Jam, with the debut of Wonder Woman. Megalodon and EarthShaker also debut earlier that year. The Special colored trucks are retired and returned to their original colors. The names of the drivers became present on the trucks bodies.
  • 2018 - Max-D celebrates it's 15th anniversary. The last Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas takes place. At the end of the year the league loses major sponsors, those being Fox Sports, and most notably, Hot Wheels. Metro by T-Mobile becomes a new sponsor late in the year. Whiplash debuts in January and BroDozer debuts in June after engine tests delayed its debut in January.
  • 2019 - The All-Star Challenge Event is held, the Team Battle element is introduced with Fire & Ice, and the first official World Finals takes place outside of Las Vegas. Spin Master becomes the new producers of Monster Jam die-cast toys, and NBC Sports starts broadcasting Monster Jam shows. Bakugan Dragonoid debuts. The first events in Africa take place. BKT tires sponsorship is extended.
  • 2020 - Monster Jam debuted its new stadium tour names, which are Green, Red and Yellow. BroCamino debuts. St. Jude announces it’s partnership with the league. Most shows for the year are cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • 2021 - Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some drivers had to switch to different trucks for the year. Most notably Ryan Anderson, who usually drives Son-Uva Digger, had to move to Bakugan Dragonoid (although he will go back to Son-Uva Digger in New Orleans) and Adam Anderson, who usually drives one of the Grave Digger trucks, had to move to Megalodon for the year (although he went back to driving Grave Digger in June during the Indianapolis shows). Jurassic Attack made its return for the first time since 2011 with David Olfert driving for Salt Lake City and Paul Jensen for Glendale and San Antonio. Monster Jam added the Atlanta Motor Speedway to its 2021 Stadium Championship Series schedule for the first time although it won't count for points. Monster Jam introduced a new Team Battle element called Gears And Galaxies. Monster Mutt Dalmatian Galaxy debuts. The Monster Jam 2021 Awards are announced and revealed. Monster Energy's contract expires in November.
  • 2022- The Monster Jam World Finals will return for the first time since 2019.


Thunder Nationals

Monster Wars

Motor Madness Points Series

Young Guns Shootout/Double Down Showdown

Fox Sports 1 Series

More Monster Jam/AMSOil Series/Triple Threat Series Tour

Monster Jam Stadium Tours (AKA Stadium Championship Series)

Monster Jam Arena Tours (AKA Arena Series)

Monster Jam All-Star Challenge

  • 2019 - Ryan Anderson (Son-Uva Digger)

Other Awards

Since 2001, an awards ceremony would take place either before or after the Monster Jam World Finals to appreciate the best performances, drivers, etc. from the past season

Rising Star



Mechanic / Technician

Mechanic Moment

  • 2007 - Lori Evans (Destroyer)


Improved Team


Most Improved Driver


  • 2018 - Camden Murphy (Pirate's Curse)
  • 2019 - Tanner Root (Monster Mutt)
  • 2021- Bryce Kenny (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior)

Fan Appreciation


Sky High

  • 2011 - Neil Elliott (Maximum Destruction)


Special Recognition for Innovations in the Sport

  • 2003 - Patrick Enterprises (Dan Patrick) / Racesource Team (Tina & Pablo Huffaker) / 2Xtreme Racing (Jimmy & Dawn Creten) / Deist Safety

Special Recognition Award

  • 2003 - Special T Tracks / Pro Tracks / Dirt Wurx

Former Sponsors

  • Ford (2003 - 2011)
  • Cadillac (January 8, 2005 - March 27, 2010)
  • Advance Auto Parts (March 20, 2004 - December 7, 2013)
  • Hot Wheels (April 5, 2000 - January 12, 2019)
  • U.S. Air Force (2003 - July 31, 2011)
  • Metro PCS
  • Jack in the Box
  • DC Comics (2005 - 2014) (March 23, 2017 - 2019)
  • Marvel Comics (2001 - 2003) (2010 - 2014)
  • (2000 - 2001)
  • WCW (November 6, 1999 - March 26, 2001)
  • Safe Auto (January 15, 2005 - March 28, 2009)
  • FOX (2003 - March 24, 2018)
  • Nintendo of America (December 7, 2007 - May 30, 2010)
  • The Walt Disney Corporation (Europe only; June 9, 2007 - September 29, 2013)
  • Del Taco (2005 - May 21, 2006)
  • 4Kids Entertainment (April 5, 2000 - March 27, 2010)
  • ViacomCBS (May 24, 2008 - March 22, 2012)
  • Warner Bros. Media (July 11, 2005 - November 21, 2010)
  • Monster Energy (January 6, 2012 - November 11, 2021)
  • America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses (2017-2019)

Current Sponsors

  • BKT
  • Great Clips
  • Spin Master
  • Warner Bros.
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • VP Racing Fuels
  • Lucas Oil Products
  • Magnaflow
  • Optima Batteries
  • CRD
  • Coan
  • ARP
  • Powermaster
  • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Roxor Offroad
  • NBCUniversal
  • The Original Super Glue

Extreme Air

  • 2003 - Scott Hartsock (Gunslinger)
  • 2005 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2007 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2008 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2009 - Frank Krmel (Donkey Kong)
  • 2010 - Jon Zimmer (Amsoil Shock Therapy)
  • 2011 - Adam Anderson (Grave Digger the Legend)
  • 2012 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2013 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2014 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2015 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2016 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2017 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2018 - Rosalee Ramer (Wild Flower)
  • 2019 - Cory Rummell (Rage)
  • 2021- Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2022 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)

Crash Madness

  • 2001 - Eldon DePew (Bulldozer)
  • 2003 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2005 - Chris Bergeron (Brutus)/Scott Hartsock (Gunslinger)/Allen Pezo (Predator)
  • 2006 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2007 - Chad Tingler (Grave Digger)
  • 2008 - Neil Elliott (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2009 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2010 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2011 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2012 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) / Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2013 - Nicole Johnson (Scooby-Doo)
  • 2014 - Linsey Weenk (Lucas Oil Crusader)
  • 2015 - Chad Fortune (Soldier Fortune)
  • 2017 - Dave Radzierez (Xtreme Diesel)
  • 2018 - Randy Brown (Grave Digger)
  • 2019 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2021- Todd Leduc (Monster Energy)/Ryan Anderson (Bakugan Dragonoid)
  • 2022 - Kraig Champion (El Toro Loco)



  • 2002 - Carl Van Horn (Spider-Man) defeating Tom Meents (Team Meents) (Racing in Tampa, Florida)
  • 2006 - Adam Anderson wining freestyle (Detroit)


  • 2002 - Charlie Pauken (Firemouth)
  • 2003 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2005 - Phil Foster (Maximum Destruction)/Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger)
  • 2006 - Charlie Pauken (Monster Mutt)
  • 2007 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2008 - Don Frankish (Jurassic Attack)
  • 2009 - Steve Koehler (Wrecking Crew)
  • 2010 - Adam Anderson (Taz)
  • 2011 - Lupe Soza (Grinder)
  • 2012 - Chuck Werner (El Toro Loco)
  • 2013 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction) / David Smith (King Krunch)
  • 2014 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger) / Cam McQueen (Northern Nightmare) / Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2015 - Arena: Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) / Stadium: Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2016 - Cam McQueen (Northern Nightmare)
  • 2017 - Kelvin Ramer (Time Flys)
  • 2018 - Arena: Justin Sipes (Megalodon) / Stadium: Morgan Kane (Grave Digger)
  • 2019 - Bryce Kenny (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior)
  • 2021 - Krysten Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2022 - Todd LeDuc (Blue Thunder)



  • 2003 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2005 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)


  • 2007 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2008 - Jim Bendzick (Rolling Thunder)
  • 2009 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2010 - Chris Bergeron (Brutus)
  • 2011 - Marc McDonald (El Toro Loco)
  • 2012 - Marc McDonald (El Toro Loco)
  • 2013 - John Seasock (Grinder)
  • 2014 - Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger)
  • 2015 - Lee O'Donnell (The Rod Ryan Show)
  • 2016 - Arena: Cynthia Gauthier (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) / Stadium: Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2017 - Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2018 - Tom Meents (Max-D)
  • 2019 - Arena: Kayla Blood (Soldier Fortune) / Stadium: Diesel Dave (BroDozer)
  • 2021- Bari Musawwir (Zombie)
  • 2022 - Kayla Blood (Soldier Fortune)

Wow Factor

  • 2008 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2009 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2010 - Cam McQueen (Nitro Circus)
  • 2011 - Scott Buetow (Iron Man)
  • 2012 - Lupe Soza (Advance Auto Parts Grinder)
  • 2013 - Linsey Weenk (Lucas Oil Crusader) / Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy)
  • 2014 - Neil Elliott (Max-D)
  • 2015 - Adam Anderson (Grave Digger the Legend) / Neil Elliott (Max-D)
  • 2016 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2017 - Chuck Werner (El Toro Loco)
  • 2018 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2019 - John Gordon (Bad Company)
  • 2021 - Ryan Anderson (Bakugan Dragonoid)
  • 2022 - Bari Musawwir (Zombie)

Arena Wheelie

Arena Two-Wheel Skill

  • 2018 - Cam McQueen (Northern Nightmare)
  • 2019 - Tristan England (EarthShaker)
  • 2021- Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger)
  • 2022 - Dave Olfert (Jurassic Attack)

Arena Freestyle

  • 2007 - Chad Tingler (Grave Digger)
  • 2009 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2010 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2011 - Adam Anderson (Grave Digger the Legend)
  • 2012 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2013 - Greg Winchenbach (Crushstation)
  • 2014 - Morgan Kane (Max-D)
  • 2015 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2016 - Bari Musawwir (Zombie)
  • 2017 - Alex Blackwell (Megalodon)
  • 2018 - Tyler Menninga (Grave Digger)
  • 2019 - Tony Ochs (Soldier Fortune Black Ops)
  • 2021- Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger)
  • 2022 - Elvis Lainez (El Toro Loco)

Stadium Wheelie

Stadium Two-Wheel Skill

  • 2018 - Lee O'Donnell (VP Racing Fuels' Mad Scientist)
  • 2019 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2021- Tristan England (Megalodon)
  • 2022 - Ryan Anderson (Son-Uva Digger)

Stadium Freestyle

  • 2006 - Tom Meents (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2007 - Adam Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2008 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2009 - Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)
  • 2010 - Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2011 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2012 - Neil Elliott (Maximum Destruction)
  • 2013 - Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger)
  • 2014 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2015 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2016 - Neil Elliott (Max-D)
  • 2017 - Todd LeDuc (Monster Energy)
  • 2018 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2019 - Ryan Anderson (Son-uva Digger)
  • 2021- Jim Koehler (Avenger)
  • 2022 - Cole Venard (The Black Pearl)

Racing Champions

Freestyle Champions

Speedster Racing & Obstacle


High Jump

2-Wheel Skills

  • 2019 - Tom Meents (Max-D Fire)
  • 2022 - Tom Meents (Max-D)

Bigfoot's Departure from Monster Jam

Aside from the Ford 100th Anniversary event in 2003, Bigfoot has not competed in a USHRA-sanctioned event since the summer of 1998. This is due to a falling-out between Bigfoot and Pace-SFX Motorsports/Monster Jam that took place over the course of multiple years in the mid-late 90's. The main reasons for the falling out were disputes over pay for appearances at USHRA events, Bigfoot wanting to film their own trucks at USHRA events and have full ownership over the footage, and Monster Jam's attempt to buy the team in the same way they would buy Grave Digger later in 1998. By the spring of 1998, all of these issues led to months of debating and negotiating as to what Bigfoot's future with Monster Jam would look like, but no agreements were met and both parties parted ways for good by the end of the summer.

Despite the lack of a professional relationship, this does not necessarily mean that there is animosity between all those involved with both parties. Monster Jam-owned trucks have made pit stops at the Bigfoot compound for repairs and maintenance, and shots of Bigfoot have occasionally made their way onto Monster Jam programming or at live events. That being said, both sides go out of their way to not include each other's trucks in their videos/broadcasts as much as possible for the purposes of not paying royalties. In hindsight, Bob Chandler has stated that he most likely would not have left if he had to make the decision over again, and Bigfoot has since made multiple attempts to reconnect professionally with Monster Jam, albeit without much interest from Monster Jam themselves.


With becoming the most well-known monster truck series to date, Monster Jam has become the most scrutinized as well, and is the target of much controversy in the monster truck industry.

Modern Monster Jam arena tracks. Note the lack of crush cars and how the track is almost completely made out of dirt

Lack of Crush Cars

Monster Jam has received general criticism for the lack of crush cars and vehicles on their recent stadium and arena tracks. The act of crushing cars is often synonymous with monster trucks, so more casual or traditionalist fans tend to take umbrage with the decision to lessen their presence on tracks. In early 2019, Monster Jam declared that the usage of free-standing crush cars was going to be discontinued due issues regarding spectator safety (newer cars generate more debris). However, static crush cars that are embedded inside obstacles still remain on all of Monster Jam's current stadium and large-venue tracks.

Removal of Gun References/Themes

FELD's censorship of Gunslinger, transforming it into Slinger, has been criticized by fans of the truck.

Monster Jam has also been criticized among portions of its fan base for removing all references to guns and firearms from several trucks on their circuit, including Gunslinger, changing it to Slinger, as well as altering Metal Mulisha and Soldier Fortune to remove the guns as well. The Young Guns Shootout was also changed to the Double Down Showdown. While no official reason was given, the censorship of said imagery/references is still active indefinitely.


Most would say that Monster Jam's main attraction is the Freestyle competition, taking place at the end of every event. However, this competition has almost never been judged professionally, and with the subjective nature of scoring a truck's performance, this has led to many controversial scoring decisions and debate over what the best method for scoring a freestyle competition really is. As a result, Monster Jam would introduce in 2017, being their main scoring method for their events. Rather than a select few judges, anybody with a cellphone can visit the website and submit their own scores when prompted. An inherent issue with letting the audience score a competition is the uncertainty in voter turnout as well as biases toward more popular trucks, which is difficult to resolve.

Spectator Injuries/Death

Throughout the history of USHRA/Monster Jam events, there have been rare incidents where something has been unintentionally flung from the track into the stands and struck a spectator, whether it be a clod of dirt or a piece of shrapnel from a truck or crush car. Most of these incidents are anecdotal and haven't been discussed publicly, and none have been fatal or caused serious injury, save for one. In January of 2009 in Tacoma, Washington, a piece of the Natural High monster truck would fly into the stands during its freestyle performance and strike a small child in the head, killing him and injuring one of his parents. This incident would give Monster Jam and the sport in general a massive amount of negative publicity and lead to a major change in Monster Jam's safety policies, which would increase more and more as the years went on. Save for fiberglass damage, almost all visible forms of damage to a Monster Jam truck will mark the end of its performance.



Late 2009-2015

1997-Late 2009