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Krazy Train
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Krazy Train in 2018


Bob Robbins


Triton Robbins

Body Style

Custom Train


512ci Merlin


FTI glide


66" Terra / BKT


January 8, 2010

Theme song

"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Ousbourne

Krazy Train is a custom train themed monster truck driven by Triton Robbins and was the team mate to Bob Robbins' Aftershock from 2010 to 2017. In 2013, the train themed design was debuted in Toronto, Ontario.


Krazy Train debuted in 2010 with driver Mark Noto as the successor to Warrior. Mark would compete with the truck on Freestyle Mania from 2010-2011. He would continue to drive Krazy Train until 2013, when owner Bob Robbins' brother would take over the driving duties for a short time.

Lloyd Twitchell and Aaron Cromer would drive Krazy Train in 2014.Mark Noto and Bill Solly also drove the truck at one point.

In 2015, Lloyd Twitchell took over the ride full time.

In 2017, the truck took part on Monster Jam Arena Tour 5 and got it's first overall event win in Monster Jam. Later, the original chassis was sold and became Nothing But Trouble.

In summer of 2018, the truck re-debuted on a new chassis with new driver Triton Robbins.

In 2020, the truck received a new teammate, Plane Krazy


  • The truck is equipped with a train horn which the drivers blow when in freestyle.