King Krunch
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King Krunch circa 2019


Dillon Fenley


Dillon Fenley

Body Style

1977 Chevy Pickup




400 Turbo


66" Terra / BKT



King Krunch is a 1977 Chevy Pickup Monster Truck out of Spring, Texas owned by Dillon Fenley. The truck is one of the oldest names in the sport, originally driven by Scott Stephens in the 80s. The truck was well known for being operated by David Smith of Flame Motorsports who took the truck to major TV appearances in Monster Jam in the 2000s. King Krunch has been in 7 World Finals and many Monster Jam video games. Scott Stephens would be invited to the World Finals in 2000, and David Smith would be invited every year between 2004 and 2010. King Krunch's chassis has also been used for the Fiesta King Krunch body.


  • 1983 - King Krunch debuts under Scott Stephens.
  • 1988 - King Krunch gets a sponsorship under Auto Value Parts.
  • 1997 - Scott Stephens suffers a massive crash at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Stephens was uninjured, but the truck was totaled.
  • 1998 - A new chassis debuts on King Krunch
  • 2000 - Stephens takes part in the first Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas.
  • 2001 - David Smith becomes the owner/driver of King Krunch.
  • 2002 - King Krunch is featured in Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction.
  • 2003 - King Krunch is run on an all new chassis and is featured in Monster 4X4: Masters of Metal.
  • 2004 - David Smith makes his first World Finals appearance and the first for King Krunch since 2000.
  • 2007 - King Krunch is featured in Monster Jam the Video Game.
  • 2008 - King Krunch is featured in Monster Jam: Urban Assault.
  • 2009 - A new chassis is run on the truck.
  • 2010 - King Krunch is featured in Monster Jam: Path of Destruction, and debuts a Ford body. The truck suffers a night-ending crash during racing at it's final appearance at the World Finals.
  • 2012 - An all new King Krunch design and chassis is introduced.
  • 2013 - A new design is debuts on the truck.
  • 2014 - The Lone Star body is run as King Krunch.
  • 2015 - The King Krunch chassis is converted to Aaron Basl's N.E.A. Police for the #MoreMonsterJam tour.
  • 2016 - A brand new King Krunch is debuted by David Smith on the Fox Sports 1 Series (2016). In Indianapolis an old school body is debuted, with slight design changes made over the next two months.
  • 2017 - The 2016 chassis becomes Daron Basl's Monster Mutt Rottweiler for the Triple Threat East tour. David Smith runs the King Krunch body along side Nitro Hornet for a weekend of Toughest Monster Truck event in Lafayette, LA.  
  • 2018 - On June 4, 2018, Dillon Fenley announced via Facebook that he bought King Krunch together with its teammate, Nitro Hornet.

World Finals Appearances

  • 1999 - Scott Stephens
  • 2000 - Scott Stephens (didn't compete freestyle)
  • 2004 - David Smith
  • 2005 - David Smith
  • 2006 - David Smith
  • 2007 - David Smith
  • 2008 - David Smith
  • 2009 - David Smith
  • 2010 - David Smith (didn't compete freestyle)