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Kamikaze is a Ford Raptor Trophy truck owned by Team Throttle Monster out of Utah. It is primarily driven by Paul Jensen, but has also been driven by various other drivers throughout its career, including David Olfert, Zach Jensen and others.


Kamikaze was originally created in 2016 and began competition later that year with Paul Jensen behind the wheel. At the time of its creation, the truck featured a Ford F-150 trophy truck body style and was originally owned by Team KCM.

A brand-new Kamikaze was constructed for the 2018 season, featuring a Ford Raptor trophy truck body style and a new chassis. Later in the season, Jensen and the truck left Team KCM and teamed up with Mike Christensen and Vendetta to create their own team, Team Throttle Monster. That October, the truck would unofficially make its first Monster Jam appearance at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, running as The Rod Ryan Show.

A second Kamikaze would be added to the team for the 2020 season, featuring a new black paint scheme. While Jensen would drive his Kamikaze, the second truck would be driven by various drivers, such as Jeff Souza, Dawson Rayas, and David Olfert. The following year, Kamikaze received an all-new body style, being a 1961 Chevrolet K10. Later in 2022, Zach Jensen drove the truck in the Toughest Monster Truck Tour. Bailey Shea drives the truck for select Monster Jam events. Later on in the year, Zach and the truck have a wild wreck in Wheatland, Missouri, flipping the truck over on its roof wildly.

In 2023, the truck will run as Monster Mutt Dalmatian for Arena Championship Series West in Monster Jam with Bailey Shea driving. Crew chief Mason Paul made his debut behind the wheel driving the truck for a show in Hurricane, Utah. In Bangor, Maine and Erie, Pennsylvania, Devin Winfield was the driver. The chassis would run a Megalodon body in San Jose 2023 and be driven by Devin Winfield. The truck debuts a new square body in Sublimity Oregon being driven Dawson Rayas. Alberto Travino drives the truck in Phoenix.

In 2024, the truck runs as Monster Mutt Rottweiler with Berto Treviño driving. Joe Urie drives the truck on the Cohen chassis until moving into Earth Shaker. Logan Tweedy takes over driving at the end of February. Carson Williams leaves Straight Up Racing & drives the truck in Bozeman, Montana & Fort Smith, Arkansas. Berto also drives truck for independent shows. Carson Williams makes his Monster Jam debut in Edmonton, Alberta & runs the Monster Mutt Rottweiler body on the truck.


  • At the beginning of 2017, Kamikaze was completely (including every piece of even the smallest parts) disassembled and reassembled in only four days.