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Jimmy Creten (born July 10, 1967; sometimes labeled as Jim Creten on Monster Jam episodes) is a driver out of Toganoxie, Kansas who is best known as the driver of Bounty Hunter and founder of Team 2Xtreme Racing. Creten began by driving trucks for other teams such as Plum Nuts and Shark Attack, the latter would become the first Bounty Hunter. It wasn't long until 2000, when he and his wife Dawn began competing with Monster Jam, that Creten would get his first taste of true success. In 2002, Creten competed in his first Monster Jam World Finals and has competed in every one since then, even winning the 2005 freestyle championship, and in 2019, the racing championship. Jimmy has now expanded his team to four trucks, and has had several ventures including a partnership with Five Finger Death Punch to create the Knucklehead (which later became Jekyll & Hyde) monster truck. In 2022, he isn't scheduled to run on any of Monster Jam's Tours, so it's unknown if he will return to the World Finals to defend his racing title.

World Finals appearances

  • 2002: Bounty Hunter
  • 2003: Bounty Hunter
  • 2004: Bounty Hunter
  • 2005: Bounty Hunter (won freestyle against Tony Farrell in a Tiebreaker)
  • 2006: Bounty Hunter
  • 2007: Bounty Hunter
  • 2008: Bounty Hunter
  • 2009: Bounty Hunter
  • 2010: Bounty Hunter
  • 2011: Bounty Hunter
  • 2012: Bounty Hunter
  • 2013: Bounty Hunter (didn't freestyle due to a blown engine in racing)
  • 2014: Bounty Hunter
  • 2015: Bounty Hunter
  • 2016: Bounty Hunter
  • 2017: Bounty Hunter
  • 2018: Bounty Hunter
  • 2019: Bounty Hunter (won racing)