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The International Monster Truck Hall of Fame is a museum originally located in Auburn, Indiana created by Jeff Cook in 2011 to honor monster trucks. Since 2011 a few drivers are selected to be inducted into the hall of fame. In 2020 it was announced the museum would be moving to Butler, Indiana.

2011 Class

2011 Class from left to right: Dan DeGrasso, Jack Willman, Bob Chandler, Army Armstrong, Jeff Dane, Scott Hess, Everett Jasmer.

Bob Chandler- Bigfoot 4X4

Jeff Dane- King Kong

Dan DeGrasso- Beast 4X4

Everett Jasmer- USA-1

Fred Shafer- Bear Foot (Scott Hess accepted on his behalf)

Jack Willman- Taurus

2012 Class

2012 Class from left to right: Robert Carpenter, Jim Kramer, Mike Welch, Dennis Anderson, and Pablo Huffaker

Jim Kramer- Bigfoot 4X4

Mike Welch- Super Pete & Monster Mash

George Carpenter- MTRA Founding Member (his son Robert accepted on his behalf, as George passed away a few months prior to the ceremony)

Pablo Huffaker- Just Show N Off & Grave Digger

Dennis Anderson- Grave Digger

2013 Class

2013 Class from left to right: Gary Porter, Scott Stephens, Dan Patrick, Allen Pezo, and Army Armstrong

Gary Porter- Carolina Crusher & Grave Digger

Allen Pezo- Predator

Dan Patrick- Samson and Patrick Enterprises

Scott Stephens- King Krunch & Texas Off Road

Army Armstrong- Announcer during the TNT and PENDA era.

2014 Class

2014 Class from left to right: Kirk Dabney, Diehl Wilson, Jon Breen, Michael Vaters, and Andy Brass

Diehl Wilson- Virginia Giant

Jon Breen- Mad Dog and Breen Racing

Michael Vaters- Black Stallion and Vaters Motorsports

Andy Brass- Bigfoot 4X4

Kirk Dabney- Blue Thunder, Monster Patrol, Overkill, etc.

2015 Class

2015 Class from left to right: Gene Patterson, David Morris, Billy Joe Miles, and Alan Tura

Gene Patterson- Bigfoot, Snake Bite, Stomper, etc.

David Morris- Equalizer

Billy Joe Miles- TNT Motorsports

Alan Tura- Goliath

2016 Class

2016 Class from left to right: Charlie Pauken, Jerry Richmond, Terry Woodcock, and Jeff Cook (replacing Bob George)

Bob George- United States Hot Rod Association (Did not appear, passed away before ceremony)

Charlie Pauken- Excaliber, Grave Digger

Jerry Richmond- Terminator, Lethal Weapon, and Weapon 1

Terry Woodcock- Cyclops

2017 Class

2017 class from left to right:Seth Doulton, Jim Ries, Mike Gallaway, Jeff Bainter, Gary Cook.

Gary Cook - Equalizer

Jeff Bainter - High Voltage, Captain USA

Jim Ries - AM/PM Rocket, Ecology Eliminator

Mike Gallaway - Announcer/TV Personality

Seth Doulton - Skoal Bandits, Gulf Super Special, AM/PM Boss

2018 Class

Mike Nickell - Excaliber

Marty Garza - Overkill

Gary Bauer - Lon Ranger, Nitemare Express, Screamin Demon

2018 Class from left to right: Marty Garza, Gary Bauer, Jack Koberna, and Mike Nickell.

2019 class from left to right: Dan Runte, the family of Jesse Birgy, Cliff Starbird, and Aaron Polburn.

Jack Koberna - The Beast

2019 Class

Dan Runte - Bigfoot 4X4

Jesse Birgy - Play'n For Keeps, Michigan Ice Monster Jr. (Did Not Appear, passed away before ceremony)

Aaron Polburn - Thunder Nationals Announcer

Cliff Starbird - Frankenstein, Monster Vette, Wild Stang

2020 Class

Scott Hess - Bear Foot, Hercules

Dave Marquart - Excaliber (Did Not Appear, passed away before ceremony)

Mark Bendler - Kodiak

Kevin Dabney - Alien, Mega Force, and Blue Thunder

2021 Class

2021 class from left to right: Jeff Cook (replacing Bobby Holman), Mark Hall, Tim Hall, and John Moore

Tim Hall - Hall Bros Racing

Mark Hall - Hall Bros Racing

Bobby Holman - Holman Motorsports

John Moore - No Problem!