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Hot Wheels is a toy company that currently makes Monster Truck toys since 2000. It was also a  sponsor for Monster Jam toys . Hot Wheels will be no longer producing Monster Jam Toys after 2018 since Spin Master signed a contract with Monster Jam to be making the offical Monster Jam toys until 2029.

1:64 Scale Monster Trucks

The 1:64 scale trucks are the most common seen. Most of them are based on real trucks (Such as Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction and Monster Mutt.), but there are some that are not based on real trucks (Such as Great Bite, Donut Patrol and Boneshaker.), and some that are based on real trucks, but with different names (Such as Inferno named Flashfire).

Cancelled 2014 packaging

1:43 Scale Monster Trucks (Rev-Tredz)


With these trucks, Hot Wheels has made a revving sound every time the truck rides.

1:24 Scale Monster Trucks

BGH32 HOT WHEELS Monster Jam Avenger XXX

These have a few advantages (Like being easier to autograph when it's unpackaged.). However, they do not work with the Monster Jam playsets.


2002 SE-Slime Arena (1)

2003 - Slime Arena - Two 1:64 scale trucks race and the one in the right lane gets slime dumped on it. Includes exclusive Grave Digger 20th Anniversary.

2004 SE-PS Crashzilla (1)

2004 - Crashzilla - The objective is to launch a 1:64 scale truck at the target on a Robosaurus-like monster. If you don't hit it, Crashzilla smashes the truck. 


In December of 2018, FELD motorsports sued Mattel over usage of names and designs of their trucks for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks. Names of Indepent trucks such as Double Trouble and Hooligan were used, preventing the trucks from getting Spinmaster releases. Big controversy arose when Mattel trademarked the use of the name Whiplash for their own toy release, which prevents Spinmaster from making toys of the existing Whiplash truck owned by FELD, forcing them to rename it for a toy release.