Grave Digger
Grave Digger 33 circa 2018


Feld Motorsports, Anderson Boys Racing, and Randy Brown Motorsports


Adam Anderson, Charlie Pauken, Randy Brown, Morgan Kane, Krysten Anderson, Tyler Menninga, Brandon Vinson, Chad Tingler (overseas) and Carl Van Horn (backup)

Body Style

1950 Chevy Panel Van (formerly 1951 Ford Panel Van)


540ci Merlin


Coan 2-speed


Firestone / Goodyear / Dneproshina / BKT



Theme song

"Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers

Grave Digger is a monster truck created by Dennis Anderson and now owned by FELD Motorsports. Anderson created the first Grave Digger in 1982, and also drove the truck until he retired in 2017. Active for more than 35 years, there are 8 competing Grave Digger vehicles with 9 current competing drivers on the Monster Jam circuit. Grave Digger is arguably the most famous and widely known monster truck anywhere in the world, and is considered to be Monster Jam's flagship truck.

Anderson's family continues to be heavily involved, with members of the family serving as drivers and Anderson's shop, Digger's Dungeon, building and operating most of the trucks. FELD and Randy Brown Motorsports operate the remaining trucks. Before his retirement, Pablo Huffaker's Racesource also owned select chassis.

The truck is also well known for its on-track rivalry with the Maximum Destruction (Max-D) team, especially when the trucks were driven by Dennis Anderson and Max-D founder Tom Meents, who enjoyed a long-standing friendly rivalry.


  • In 1982, Dennis Anderson built Grave Digger 1 as a mud racing truck using a red 1957 Ford pickup truck. The name came from a smack-talking session he had with his rivals ("I'll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it.").
  • In 1984, Anderson rebuilt the truck as a true monster truck, replacing the red pickup body with a 1951 Ford panel truck in a blue and silver paint scheme. One year later, the iconic "graveyard" paint scheme, based on 1950's horror comics, debuted after Anderson commissioned his friend Fred to create the paint scheme.
  • In 1986, Dennis Anderson started racing monster trucks full time. The truck became very popular, despite not enjoying the sponsorship of trucks like Bigfoot (Which was sponsored by Ford). His first major victory was in Saint Paul, Minnesota, against Bigfoot two years later.
  • In 1989, Grave Digger 2 began competing under Dennis; the body switched from the 1951 Ford panel van to a 1950 Chevrolet panel van, which has been used for all subsequent Grave Diggers. Grave Digger 1 was then driven by Dennis' brother, Les Anderson. Construction on Grave Digger 3 was also started.
  • In 1991, the first four-link suspension Digger, Grave Digger 3 was completed. In the same year, Grave Digger 2 was rebuilt to ride across the Curritucks Sound, and a shortlived Grave Digger 5 was built as the new ride for Dennis. The first non-monster truck Grave Digger, Grave Digger 6, was also introduced.
  • In 1992, Grave Digger 7 was created along side Lyle Hancock and Robert Parker sharing driving duties also with the brand new Grave Digger 8.

Grave Digger's character on USHRA Monster Wars

  • In 1993, Pablo Huffaker created his own version of Grave Digger, naming it Grave Digger 5, although it was actually the ninth truck on the fleet. He drove this truck across the US together with Anderson's. Grave Digger appears on USHRA Monster Wars, where the truck was represented by a grim reaper mascot.
  • In 1994, the first Grave Digger ride truck, Grave Digger 9, was built.
  • In 1995, Pablo Huffaker built Grave Digger 10 which would replace his misnumbered #5. Grave Digger's paint job was updated, adding purple mist, and the logo is set on one line.
  • In 1996, the second ride truck of the fleet, Grave Digger 11 replaced #9 after it was sold to Rick Disharoon. Grave Digger 12 would also debut and became Anderson's new truck.
  • In 1998, Dennis sold the team Grave Digger to Pace Motorsports (now FELD Motorsports). Despite no longer owning the truck, he remained its most popular driver. 
  • In 2000, Anderson rebuilt Grave Digger 7 and was nicknamed "Grave Digger 13". The truck and Anderson was invited to the Monster Jam World Finals 1 and won the freestyle championship with a score of 40. Todd Frolik was then placed behind the wheel of Grave Digger 12.
Freestyle Grave Digger Monster Jam World Finals 2000

Freestyle Grave Digger Monster Jam World Finals 2000

Grave Digger wins it's first World Finals championship in 2000

  • In 2005, Scott Pontbriand officially retired from the sport. Carl Van Horn replaced him and drove Grave Digger 14. Randy was then moved to Grave Digger 18. Childress left the team to drive Bulldozer. At the World Finals, Dennis made it into the final round of racing, only to lose to Madusa.
  • In 2006, Chad Tingler replaced Van Horn and took over the reigns of #14. Rod Schmidt took over #19. At the World Finals, Dennis won the World Racing Championship with the new truck he debuted at the start of the season, Grave Digger 20.
  • In 2007, Grave Digger celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Rod Schmidt took over Grave Digger 18 as Randy moved to #19. At the start of the season, Dennis again, suffered an injury until the World Finals and his son, Adam, would fill in for part of the season in 2007. Dennis runs a handpainted, chrome body at the World Finals, where he would make it into the final round of racing, only to lose to John Seasock in Batman. He would get second place in freestyle.
  • In 2009, Charlie Pauken's Grave Digger 15 was replaced by Grave Digger 22.
  • In 2010, Dennis won the team's fourth World Championship at the World Finals with #20. Gary Porter also competed on the Freestyle Mania tour until 2012.
  • In 2011, Carl Van Horn returned to the team and debuted Grave Digger 23. Grave Digger 24 and 25 also debuted in the same year as the new trucks for Chad Tingler and Gary Porter respectively, retiring both 12 and 14. The same year, Grave Digger raced against the Shockwave jet trucks at several NHRA Nitro Jam events until 2012. Randy Brown was behind the wheel for the majority of these races. Two spin-off trucks of Grave Digger made their debuts this year: Grave Digger the Legend and Son-uva Digger, driven by Adam and Ryan Anderson, respectively.

4 Grave Diggers crash into each other during the 30th Anniversary encore at World Finals 13

  • In 2014, 4 new Grave Digger trucks were unveiled. Grave Digger 27 replaced Charlie Pauken's old 22, 28 became Pablo Huffaker's new ride after Grave Digger 16 and 29 (didn't debut until December) debuted under Randy Brown retiring his old Grave Digger 19. Dennis also debuted Grave Digger 30, retiring his 7-year-old Grave Digger 20.
  • In 2015, Charlie Pauken and 27 competed in the Fox Sports 1 Series. After more than ten years of driving Grave Digger, Gary Porter left the team and moved to Carolina Crusher. His truck, 25, was since then driven by Colton Eichelberger who competed in the More Monster Jam tour. Charlie finished 4th in his series while Colton finished 2nd. They both got automatic bids to the World Finals hence, three Grave Diggers competed in World Finals 16, with Dennis driving the normal Grave Digger 30, Colton driving a purple Grave Digger 25, and Charlie driving a green Grave Digger 27. During the Path of Destruction Tour, Steve Brynes, a former Monster Jam announcer for TNN who passed away on April 21, 2015, was written on the Grave Digger tombstone instead of the usual "Dennis Anderson".
  • In 2016, Chad Tingler left the team and was transferred to Alien Invasion early in the year retiring Grave Digger 24. A new chrome paint scheme debuted on Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger 30. Dennis's son Adam joined team Grave Digger and competed in the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series with Grave Digger 32. Lifelong friend of the Anderson boys and former driver of Max-D, Morgan Kane joined the team after a switch from Max D to Grave Digger was made, hence, Colton Eichelberger was moved to the Max-D team while Kane took over the reigns of Grave Digger 25. Adam's long time crew chief Cole Venard also joined the team and competed in the More Monster Jam (2016) series with Grave Digger 31 along with Kane which they would eventually win. Charlie Pauken, Pablo Huffaker, Randy Brown, Carl Van Horn & Jon Zimmer all continued to run their own Grave Diggers. At World Finals 17, Morgan Kane and Cole Venard debuted new paint schemes on their trucks. Kane would receive an orange scheme while Venard drives the purple scheme. Kane later won racing, while Adam Anderson won freestyle, both in their Grave Digger trucks; this caused a lot of controversy, as many fans claimed that the use of multiple Grave Diggers was an unfair advantage for the team, while others claimed that Adam's freestyle run was over scored.

Comparison between the original (Left) and new (Right) tools for Grave Digger

A new Hot Wheels Grave Digger mold was also released, the first time in 16 years that the original mold, created in 2000 as one of the original 4 toys, was altered. This new design had a triangular windshield, a more rounded body, and, overall, a more accurate design that better resembled the real truck. The change went unnoticed at first, due to there being no indication of the change on the toy's packaging.

Grave digger Dennis Anderson Tampa 2017 injured

Grave digger Dennis Anderson Tampa 2017 injured

Dennis Anderson's final freestyle at Tampa 2017

In the first stop of Dennis' Stadium Tour in Tampa, Florida, he would suffer a career-ending injury after a failed backflip attempt. Carl Van Horn and Jon Zimmer filled in for the rest of his tour. On September 18, 2017, Dennis announced his full retirement from Monster Jam, stating he would still be behind the scenes at events and in the pits. Cole would also leave the team, just before the World Finals to take care of his newborn daughter, thus Randy took his place at said event, he would later return to the sport, driving The Black Pearl.
  • In 2018, the team ran eight trucks. Former Son-uva Digger crew chief Brandon Vinson joined the team to take the place of Cole Venard in #30. Adam Anderson takes over as the main driver due to Dennis Anderson's retirement. Jon Zimmer left the team to drive Dragon full time, as he was supposed to in 2017 before Dennis's injury, while Carl Van Horn returns to serve as a fill-in for the team. Adam Anderson, Charlie Pauken, Randy Brown, and Morgan Kane each ran a stadium tour. Three drivers once again competed at the Triple Threat Series, Krysten Anderson on the west series, Tyler Menninga on the central tour, and Vinson on the east series. Pablo Huffaker runs an arena tour. Pauken and Kane won their Stadium Championship Series while Menninga wins his Triple Threat tour, earning them invites to the Monster Jam World Finals 19. Adam Anderson wins the World Finals 19 Racing Championship against Menninga. Pablo retired after his final event in Florence, SC on the weekend of May 5-6, 2018.
  • In 2019, Randy Brown would compete with Grave Digger 39 on the Arena Championship Series, Krysten Anderson with Grave Digger 34 on the Triple Threat East Tour, Brandon Vinson with Grave Digger 31 on the Triple Threat Central Tour, and Tyler Menninga with Grave Digger 36 on the Triple Threat West Tour. Morgan Kane would compete on the Stadium Championship Series 1 with Grave Digger 33, Adam Anderson on Series 2 with Grave Digger 35 and Charlie Pauken on Series 3 with Grave Digger 38. Grave Digger 37 would stay overseas and be used for displays, one noted with Cynthia Gauthier. Adam, Brandon, Randy and Tyler won their tours, giving them an automatic bid to World Finals XX.[1][2] Although Charlie wasn't invited, he would debut a fire version of Grave Digger for the racing encore. During the first All-Star Challenge Pauken runs the fire version, Adam and Tyler also run for team fire. Meanwhile, Krysten debuted the ice version as a member of team ice. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, Brandon would debut Grave Digger 41.
  • In 2020, the team remains unchanged. Adam will drive in the Red Stadium Tour, Morgan in the Green Tour, and Charlie will go to the Yellow Tour. Tyler, Brandon and Krysten will go to the Triple Threat Series East, West and Central, respectively. Randy will go once again to the Arena Tour. Tyler once again wins the Triple Threat Series East Tour, winning him a spot in World Finals XXI, which was later canceled.


Current Drivers

Current Back-up Drivers

Former Drivers


There have been 41 versions of Grave Digger to date. While Dennis didn't intend on building a Grave Digger 13, due to the misconception that Grave Digger 5 was a rebuilt #2, and the misconception that Pablo's 1992-1996 chassis was #5 when it was in fact the ninth Digger of the fleet, Pablo's extra chassis realistically pushed all Diggers forward a number, airgo making Grave Digger 12 the 13th chassis, filling the gap of the inexistent #13. The number of the truck is often displayed on the front of the hood   

Version Information
Grave Digger 1 Built in 1982 as a mud racing truck. Rebuilt in 1985 as a true monster truck. It is now on display outside Digger's Dungeon in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, in poor condition.
Grave Digger 2 Built in 1989. Modified in 1991 to allow it to cross Currituck Sound as part of a publicity stunt, it was restored and briefly known as Grave Digger 5 before reverting to its true number as chassis aren't typically renumbered. Restored again in 2016, it is now on display outside Digger's Dungeon.
Grave Digger 3 Built in 1991. The first tube-frame, four-link suspension Grave Digger. It was sold and became Inferno, then later Slag Hag
Grave Digger 4 Leaf-sprung Grave Digger built by Jack Koberna as a West Coast version of Grave Digger. It was sold and became Mr. Big.
Grave Digger 5 Two trucks have been known as Grave Digger 5: The first was actually Grave Digger 2; see above.
The second one was a tube chassis truck originally used as Jus' Show N Off II and driven by Pablo Huffaker as Grave Digger from 1992-1995
Grave Digger 6 A street-legal display truck, parts were reused for Ryan Anderson's mud-bogger
Grave Digger 7 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Driven by Dennis Anderson from 1992-1996. Revamped in 2000 by Anderson where he would win Monster Jam World Finals 1 Freestyle. It now sits outside Digger's Dungeon.
Grave Digger 8 Four-link suspension Grave Digger driven by Robert Parker in the 90s and Scott Pontbriand from 2000-2004. Retired chassis. Was part of a museum exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. It appeared in Monster Trucks: The Science of Extreme Machines. It was restored in 2019 and used as a display truck as part of Monster Jam Thunder Alley
Grave Digger 9 Ride truck. Sold, and is now the Extinguisher ride truck.
Grave Digger 10 Four-link suspension Grave Digger built and driven by Pablo Huffaker in the late 90s. Also ran as Radical Rescue from 2002-2004.
Grave Digger 11 Ride truck. Sold to Randy Moore, who turned it into War Wizard ride, who sold it to Randy Brown, who soon turned it into Pure Adrenaline ride, then returned it to a Grave Digger ride truck after becoming a Grave Digger driver. The truck has since been reacquired by FELD.
Grave Digger 12 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Used to be driven by Dennis Anderson from 1996-2000 and Gary Porter from 2001-2010. It also ran as Grave Digger the Legend in 2011 before it was retired.
Grave Digger 14 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Was driven by Dennis Anderson from 2001 to 2003 and was driven by Randy Brown from 2004 to 2006. Was driven by Chad Tingler until 2010, when it was retired due to extensive damage.
Grave Digger 15 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Was driven by Charlie Pauken from 2001 to 2008. Now retired.
Grave Digger 16 Four-link suspension Grave Digger built and driven by Pablo Huffaker from 2002-2013.
Grave Digger 17 Pro Modified Drag Racer driven by Alan Pittman. Now retired.
Grave Digger 18 Retired four-link suspension Grave Digger. Formerly Driven by Dennis Anderson in 2003, Randy Brown from 2004-2007 and Rod Schmidt from 2008 to 2012. The chassis later became El Diablo in 2013 and ran until 2015.
Grave Digger 19 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Was driven by Dennis Anderson from 2004 to 2005 and by Randy Brown from 2007 to 2014.
Grave Digger 20 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Was driven by Dennis Anderson from 2005 to 2013, the longest and arguably most successful for Dennis. Dennis won nine straight stadium racing events with this truck. Retired after 2013.
Grave Digger 21 Grave Digger Experience truck. Only has two wheels. People can climb into the cab of the Grave Digger and watch a video presentation.
Grave Digger 22 Originally Batman from 2006 to 2008. Was driven By Charlie Pauken from 2009 to 2013.
Grave Digger 23 Built in 2010 and was driven by Carl Van Horn from 2011 to 2016. Revamped in 2017 and driven by Tyler Menninga. Now retired.
Grave Digger 24 Retired four-link suspension Grave Digger. Driven by Chad Tingler from 2011-2015.
Grave Digger 25 Four-link suspension Grave Digger. Driven by Gary Porter from 2011 to 2014 and by Morgan Kane from 2015 to 2016. This truck won the Monster Jam World Finals 17 Racing competition. Now retired.
Grave Digger 26 Was built in 2012 and driven by Jon Zimmer from 2013 to 2016. Became his second Dragon chassis.
Grave Digger 27 Was a CRD chassis built in 2013 driven by Charlie Pauken from 2014 to 2018. Now Retired.
Grave Digger 28 Was a Racesource chassis created and driven by Pablo Huffaker from 2014 to 2018. Retired from competition in May 2018 together with Huffaker. Is now a display piece traveling with the Spin Master trailer/mobile display.
Grave Digger 29 Was a Cohen chassis built in 2014 and debuted just before 2015. Driven by Randy Brown until 2017. Currently serves as a backup Grave Digger and does the international tours as of now.
Grave Digger 30 Was a Cohen chassis that debuted in 2014. Driven by Dennis Anderson from 2014- 2017. Revamped for 2018 and driven by Brandon Vinson for that year, then retired.
Grave Digger 31 Cohen chassis race truck. Driven by Cole Venard from 2016 to March 2017. Taken over by Randy Brown for the 2018 season, then driven by Brandon Vinson for 2019. Retired after World Finals XX. 
Grave Digger 32 Was a Cohen chassis race truck. Was orignally the 2014 Grave Digger the Legend chassis. Driven by Adam Anderson from 2016 to 2017. The truck won Adam's second freestyle championship. It was given to Tyler Menninga in 2018, who retired the truck. 
Grave Digger 33 Cohen chassis, driven by Morgan Kane since 2017.
Grave Digger 34 CRD chassis, driven by Krysten Anderson since 2017.
Grave Digger 35 Cohen chassis unveiled at SEMA 2017, driven by Adam Anderson since 2018, winning Adam his third racing championship. 
Grave Digger 36 CRD chassis driven by Tyler Menninga since October 2018.
Grave Digger 37 CRD chassis that debuted under Randy Brown in South America 2018. The chassis has since been used for overseas displays and competition.
Grave Digger 38 CRD chassis that debuted under Morgan Kane in late 2018 arena shows, and is now driven by Charlie Pauken since 2019.
Grave Digger 39 CRD chassis that debuted under Randy Brown for the 2019 Arena Championship Series.
Grave Digger 40 Ride truck built in 2019.
Grave Digger 41 CRD 3.0 chassis that debuted under Brandon Vinson in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2019 and run for the 2020 Triple Threat West.

Unofficial trucks


Grave Digger's Boneyard Shuttle An unofficial truck from the Grave Digger Fleet: a bus themed ride truck.
K'nex Grave Digger Built in 2012; a display truck built entirely out of K'nex pieces.
Grave Digger 25.5 A black FELD chassis piloted by Paul Cohen in the 2012 Lexington, Kentucky shows.


  • 1999 - Dennis Anderson (Points)
  • 2000 - Dennis Anderson (WF Freestyle)
  • 2002 - Dennis Anderson (Points)
  • 2003 - Gary Porter (Points)
  • 2004 - Randy Brown (Points)
  • 2004 - Dennis Anderson (WF Racing)
  • 2006 - Dennis Anderson (WF Racing)
  • 2010 - Dennis Anderson (WF Racing)
  • 2016 - Morgan Kane (WF Racing and AMSOIL West), Adam Anderson (WF Freestyle and FS1 Series), Cole Venard (AMSOIL East) 
  • 2017 - Cole Venard (Triple Threat - West), Tyler Menninga (Triple Threat - East), Randy Brown (Arena Tour #4), Pablo Huffaker (Arena Tour #5), Charlie Pauken (Stadium Tour #4)
  • 2018 - Charlie Pauken (Stadium Championship Series 2), Morgan Kane (Stadium Championship Series 3), Tyler Menninga (Triple Threat - Central), Adam Anderson (WF Racing)
  • 2019 - Tyler Menninga (Triple Threat - West), Brandon Vinson (Triple Threat - Central), Adam Anderson (Stadium Championship Series 2), Randy Brown (Arena Tour)
  • 2020 - Tyler Menninga (Triple Threat - East), Brandon Vinson (Triple Threat- West), Randy Brown (Arena Series), Charlie Pauken (Stadium Series- Yellow)

Grave Digger Bodies

  • Red pickup - Original GD body from 1982-83. It has been released as a Hot Wheels toy, and was echoed in the World Finals 11 encore.
  • Blue & grey panel - Second GD body from 1984. It has also been released as Hot wheels toy, and was also echoed in the World Finals 11 encore. It was later reborn as Grave Digger the Legend.
  • Graveyard - Debuted in 1986. This design is currently used to this day, with several changes over the years. The body would change from a 1951 Ford panel van to a 1950 Chevy panel van in 1989.
  • Grave Digger 20th Anniversary - A body run by Dennis Anderson in 2002, to celebrate Grave Digger's 20th Anniversary.
  • Green Ghost - This body was the same as the normal one, but the grey/purple ghost has been replaced with a green one with red eyes. This version also had a special roof design. Dennis would win racing at the World Finals running this design in 2006.
  • Chrome 25th Anniversary Grave Digger - A special, hand-painted, chrome body, run by Dennis at the World Finals in 2007, to celebrate Grave Digger's 25th Anniversary.
  • Grave Digger 30th Anniversary - Two trucks run by Dennis in 2012 to celebrate Grave Digger's 30th Anniversary, one green and one purple. Both were similar to the standard body, but instead of the standard ghost, a grim reaper was present, the flames were colored silver, the logo was changed, and the roof had a special tombstone design. Chrome versions of both with a 3D grim reaper appeared at the World Finals. The fleet body was the same as the normal design, but with a 30th Anniversary logo on the side.
  • Green - A version of the standard design, with the black replaced by green and with purple flames. This design was run by Charlie Pauken at World Finals 16.
  • Purple - A version of the standard design, with the black replaced by purple. This design was run by Colton Eichelberger at World Finals 16.
  • Orange - A version of the standard design, with orange flames and chassis, driven by Morgan Kane at World Finals 17. Kane would win racing running this body.
  • Purple (WF 17) - A version of the standard design, with purple flames and chassis, driven by Cole Venard at World Finals 17.
  • Silver - A version of the standard design, with the black replaced by chrome. Dennis would run the design during 2016.
  • Grave Digger 35th Anniversary - There was no special design run for the year, though there was a 35th Anniversary logo on the roof. According to Adam, special bodies for the trucks competing in the World Finals were planned, but never came to be.
  • Grandma - A replica of the 1986 GD, run by Charlie Pauken in the World Finals 13 encore. It was also run, 5 years later, by Krysten Anderson in the World Finals 18 encore.
  • Fire - A version of the standard Grave Digger Design, in which the green is replaced with orange and red and the graveyard is set on fire. Made it's debut at the racing encore for World Finals 20 with Charlie Pauken driving it. It later ran again under Pauken at the 2019 All-Star Challenge.
  • Ice - A version of the standard Grave Digger Design, in which the green is replaced with light blue and white and the graveyard is covered in snow. While originally a toy, a real life version debuted under Krysten Anderson at 2019 All-Star Challenge.
  • Overcast- A version of the standard Grave Digger Design, in which the purple and light green on the hood is replaced with dark grey, and the red headlights are replaced with white headlights. It is currently a toy and is unknown it will be made into a real-life truck.
  • Grim - A custom Hot Wheels Monster Jam toy released in 2004-2006. The truck has an older Grave Digger logo and has the Grim Reaper on the side of it. The truck was also released with a chrome body. Neither design ever ran on an actual Grave Digger monster truck in real life. It's unknown if it was ever planned to be made in real life.

World Finals Appearances

  • 1999 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2000 - Dennis Anderson (won freestyle)
  • 2001 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2002 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2003 - Pablo Huffaker
  • 2004 - Dennis Anderson (won racing)
  • 2005 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2006 - Dennis Anderson (won racing)
  • 2007 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2008 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2009 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2010 - Dennis Anderson (won racing)
  • 2011 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2012 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2013 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2014 - Dennis Anderson
  • 2015 - Dennis Anderson, Colton Eichelberger (purple), Charlie Pauken (green)
  • 2016 - Adam Anderson (won freestyle), Dennis Anderson (chrome), Morgan Kane (orange; won racing), Cole Venard (purple)
  • 2017 - Adam Anderson, Tyler Menninga, Morgan Kane, Randy Brown (DDS: Krysten Anderson)
  • 2018 - Adam Anderson (won racing), Tyler Menninga, Morgan Kane, Charlie Pauken (DDS: Krysten Anderson, Brandon Vinson)
  • 2019 - Adam Anderson, Tyler Menninga, Randy Brown, Morgan Kane, Brandon Vinson (ATV: Tyler Menninga and Brandon Vinson, 2-Wheel Skills: Adam Anderson, Tyler Menninga and Brandon Vinson, Speedster: Tyler Menninga and Brandon Vinson, DDS: Krysten Anderson)
  • 2020 - Canceled- originally Tyler Menninga

All-Star Challenge Appearances

  • 2019- Team Ice: Krysten Anderson, Team Fire: Adam Anderson, Tyler Menninga, and Charlie Pauken.

Video Game Appearances

Digger's Dungeon


Digger's Dungeon in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, serves as the official home and workshop of Grave Digger. It houses other various FELD vehicles from time to time. It features a gift shop and museum of various Grave Digger parts, trophies, and merchandise. The Digger's Diner restaurant rests nearby, with autographed Grave Digger hoods on the interior roof.


GD website

Screenshot of the now-defunct Grave Digger website, circa August 30, 2013

  • An official website dedicated to Grave Digger used to exist, though it was closed in early 2017 and the URL now redirects to the truck's page on the official Monster Jam website.
  • The truck is lettered by New Jersey native Jim McShea.
  • New Jersey business Victory Lane Auto Body is still credited on the tombstones despite having closed years ago.
  • Grave Digger is one of 3 trucks owned by FELD that was sold to them, rather than created by them (The other 2 being Bulldozer and Son-Uva Digger).
  • The tombstones on the side of Grave Digger represent different trucks that Grave Digger has defeated in racing finals throughout the years.
  • Huffaker's Grave Diggers can often be identified by the red shocks, purple rims and a shorter wheelbase than other Grave Digger's.
  • The truck is special for being the only FELD-owned truck to be hand painted on every single body.
  • Grave Digger is the only truck that has been released every single year in both the Hot Wheels and Spin Master Monster Jam toy lines. Along with El Toro Loco and Blue Thunder, the truck has also appeared in every Monster Jam video game to this day.
  • Grave Digger is one of the few trucks to have competed in every Monster Jam season since the official start of the league in 1992.
  • The trucks theme song, "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, is also the truck's motto. The tolling bell in the intro of "Hell's Bells" by AC/DC is also used before the truck comes out.
  • Over the years the truck has had many fill-in drivers including: Tom Meents, Jim Koehler, Marc McDonald, Daron Basl, Eldon DePew, Paul Cohen, Mike Vaters and others. Jon Zimmer also served as a fill-in before becoming a full time member.
  • Grave Digger 37 was the first Grave Digger to debut overseas - in the Latin America region to be exact for the 2018 Latin American Tour.
  • At SEMA 2017, Grave Digger's iconic ghost had flames added to its eyes and was displayed with its original zoomies. This design was reverted back to normal and the zoomies were removed for competition.
  • For promoting a 2018 NBC special, Jim McShaw painted the NBC Logo on one of the tombstones of a Grave Digger body. This design was reverted back to a Monster Jam logo and never ran on tour.
  • In 2019, Krysten Anderson's name (just Krysten) was added to the Adam & Ryan tombstone
  • The Dennis Anderson tombstone on the side of Grave Digger reads "To thy legion cry, thou shall arise of flames and thunder to claim thy prize".
  • Dennis Anderson was the only Team Grave Digger driver to win 4 world titles until 2016. The truck has a total of 7 World Championship Titles as of today.
  • Grave Digger is the only truck so far to have both a Fire and Ice version of it.





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