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WARNING: This page contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

This page is a list of Fatal Monster Truck incidents. Please note that fatal accidents are quite rare in the Monster Truck industry, as such incidents have led to promoters creating new safety restrictions to prevent them from ever happening again.

Bad Medicine

At a 1992 USHRA race at the Niagara Falls Convention Center in Niagara Falls, New York, the truck Bad Medicine was racing Taurus. After landing the truck veered off across the track, then went over a bit of the railing in the stands and the tire crushed Lester Gilliam, who pushed a little boy out of the way in order to spare him. The cause was that driver Don Van Loo was knocked unconscious and the right rear tire's bead cracked. Note that a similar, non-fatal incident occurred a year prior in Oklahoma City when the truck hit a wall at full speed, making Bad Medicine one of the most infamous and controversial trucks of all time.

Bad Medicine, right before crushing Gillam


The Monster Truck Accident of Bad Medicine

Video of the Bad Medicine accident

Over Excited

Three months after the Niagara Falls incident, a similar one occurred at Galesburg Raceway in Michigan where the driver was knocked unconscious after hitting a set of crush cars very hard. The truck veered out of control, hit a parked car, and then crashed into the grandstands, striking 6 year old Todd Abbott, who was standing in the aisle at the time.

Monster Patrol

At a 1994 event in Claremore, Oklahoma, Tom Meents in Monster Patrol lost control of the truck after the throttle stuck upon landing off of a set of cars. The truck, unable to stop, crashed through a set of hay bales and fencing, before rolling into the pit area, where crew members were standing. 5 people were injured in the accident, and fellow monster truck driver Mike Hickerson was killed in the accident.[1]

The Claremore Expo Center, the location of the accident.


At the Eastern Idaho state fairgrounds, Radioactive lost control during a race after jumping 2 obstacles, and rolled over into a fence, landing on some of the spectators. 14 year old Riley Jo Monroe was killed due to the accident.[2]

Miami 1997

While this accident wasn't caused by a monster truck, at a Monster Jam event in 1997 at Miami, a stunt bike driver named Corey Scott was killed after an attempted stunt failed. He jumped at a vertical net, but rather than land on and grab it, he ended up bouncing off the net, and fell nearly 3 stories (60 feet) to his death.

Natural High

On January 17th, 2009, at the Tacoma Dome in Washington, the truck Natural High was freestyling. Around the end of its run, a piece of the driveshaft came out, flew into the stands and struck six-year old Sebastian Hizey, killing him. This incident would lead to mandatory colored driveshaft loops, SIR's driveshaft blanket system and was rumored to be the reason that the Captain's Curse racing crash from that year's World Finals has never been shown in official footage, in order to not garner any more controversy.


2009 Monster truck Tacoma, Wa (Natural High) freestyle tragedy that killed a spectator.

Natural High's freestyle at Tacoma 2009. Note the sparks under the truck at 1:32, and how the audience starts screaming at 1:34


Exactly one week later in Madison, Wisconsin, after a race between Samson and Holman's Beast, Dan Patrick was driving the truck back into the pits when announcer George Eisenhart stepped out from a barrier and onto the track. Patrick did not see Eisenhart as he was beyond the truck's field of vision and he was struck by the tire fatally. Unlike most of these incidents, this one was not seen as an error on the truck's part, as it was impossible for Patrick to see Eisenhart before he stepped on the track. It is believed George had come out to end racing and did not see Patrick.

A more detailed description of the accident can be found here.


Announcer Dies After Monster Truck Show Accident

Raw footage of the Samson incident (George can be seen walking out at 0:36)

Big Show

In October of 2013 in Chihuahua, Mexico, the truck Big Show (formerly Fly-N-Hi) was doing an exhibition, when the driver lost control and went into the crowd killing eight and injuring seventy nine. This is the single deadliest monster truck incident in history; however the event did not have proper safety precautions and the driver was rumored to be under the influence of alcohol. The event was not MTRA certified, so many safety precautions were unaccounted for.

Big Show, after the incident

Eurol's King on Wheels

Almost a year later in the Netherlands, the truck Eurol's King on Wheels (formerly Extreme Overkill and American Cowboy) had a similar incident as Big Show, killing five and injuring dozens. The cause was again lack of safety precautions, the brakes were reportedly not working, and no one was carrying a Remote Ignition Interrupter to stop the truck. The driver was reportedly charged with manslaughter.


Haaksbergen accident Multiple angles Monster truck rides on a crowd of people

Video with Multiple angles of the Eurol's King on Wheels incident

Ice Explorer

On July 18th, 2020, the Ice Explorer tour monster bus was involved in an accident while on a tour in Canada. The truck veered off of the trail while on a hillside, resulting in the bus tipping over the side of the hill, and tumbling down it, coming to a stop at the bottom upside down. As of July 19, 2020, 3 people were killed in the accident, and 24 people were injured.

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