El Toro Loco
El Toro Loco circa 2018


FELD Entertainment (formerly Live Nation, Clear Channel Entertainment, PACE Motorsports)


Marc McDonald, Becky McDonough, Elvis Lainez, Armando Castro, Mark List, Brad Allen

Body Style

Custom Bull


540ci Merlin (FELD), Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block (Team Scream)


Coan 2-Speed, Coan/Bewick Power Glide (Team Scream)


66" Terra / BKT

Theme song

"Misirlou" by Dick Dale, formerly “Bulls on parade” by Rage Against The Machine (Orange)/"Rockstar 101" by Rihanna (Yellow)/"The Only Way I Know" by Jason Aldean (Black)



Ice El Toro Loco
El toro loco 2
Ice El Toro Loco circa 2019


FELD Entertainment


Scott Buetow

Body Style

Custom Bull


540ci Merlin (FELD)


Coan 2-speed (FELD)





El Toro Loco is a monster truck that drives on the Monster Jam circuit. It is owned by FELD Entertainment and driven by Marc McDonald, Scott Buetow, Becky McDonoughElvis Lainez, Mark List, & Armando Castro. El Toro Loco has been featured at every Monster Jam World Finals since 2003.

The truck is a spinoff of Bulldozer.


  • 2001 - El Toro Loco debuts on the former NWO chassis with driver Lupe Soza.
  • 2003 - Lupe and the truck makes their first World Finals appearance, with a freestyle many thought should have won the event.
  • 2004 - Lupe Soza ties with Madusa and Tom Meents for the Freestyle Championship at the World Finals.
  • 2004- Rob Knell is critically injured, and doesn't return to Monster Jam for 2 years, after the transmission on El Toro Loco explodes, and sets the truck on fire.
  • 2006 - Dan Evans filled in for Lupe at the first Ford Field show.
  • 2007 - Soza runs a minor Advance Auto Parts sponsorship on El Toro Loco only for the World Finals..
  • 2008 - Two additional El Toro Loco's were made. One was ran by Nathan Weenk under Randy Brown's ownership while the other was ran by Paul Cohen for FELD Motorsports. Lupe's El Toro Loco gets a new paint scheme.
  • 2009 - Chris Baker takes over Nathan Weenk's El Toro Loco.
  • 2010 - El Toro Loco's minor Advance Auto Parts sponsorship is replaced by Advance Auto Parts Grinder with Soza driving, thus, Marc McDonald took his place in El Toro Loco. Chuck Werner also began driving El Toro Loco on a Willman chassis owned by Tom Meents as the teammate to Maximum Destruction. The trucks runs a very minor U.S. Air Force sponsor for the World Finals.
  • 2011 - Chris Baker stops driving for Monster Jam and was replaced by Joey Parnell. A new El Toro Loco truck was created on the old Donkey Kong chassis with Bari Musawwir in control. He later won the Rookie of the Year Award with Iron Outlaw driver Nick Owens at the World Finals.
  • 2012 - Parnell left the team as his truck was converted to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Musawwir also left the El Toro Loco team to drive Spider-Man. Becky McDonough took over his truck while Aaron Basl debuted a new racesource chassis El Toro Loco that toured with Pablo Huffaker's Grave Digger 16. Becky competed at the Young Guns Shootout with the truck. Morgan Kane also drove an El Toro Loco in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • 2013 - Marc McDonald and Becky McDonough get new colors on their trucks. Marc gets a black colored El Toro Loco, while Becky's is yellow. Chuck and Aaron continues to campaign the orange El Toro Loco. Marc makes it to the final round of racing at the World Finals, but loses to Grave Digger the Legend.
  • 2014 - Lupe Soza returns to El Toro Loco after Grinder is discontinued. Dan Rodoni runs an El Toro Loco body on The Patriot's chassis. Both would drive orange ones. Aaron Basl also leaves El Toro Loco to drive Wolverine. Later that year, it was announced that Becky McDonough will drive the yellow El Toro Loco in #MoreMonsterJam the following year.
  • 2015 - Becky McDonough drives El Toro Loco in #MoreMonsterJam tour. She gets her 4th invitation to the Young Guns Shootout. Chuck Werner drives the truck on the Fox Sports 1 Series. Cynthia Gauthier drive the truck for the Manila show in the Philippines.
  • 2016 - Soza left the team once again to drive El Diablo. Rodoni also left the team and stopped driving in the Monster Jam circuit. Kayla Blood and Mark List then joined the team. Kayla would drive the yellow El Toro Loco for the West Coast More Monster Jam tour while List with the orange truck. Dan Evans filled in for Marc McDonald in Hidalgo, Texas. Tristan England filled in for Mark List after he got injured in a non-driving incident halfway through the More Monster Jam Tour. Becky competes at the Fox Sports 1 Series, and for the 5th time in the young guns shootout with an all new chassis. Becky would run an orange body on the El Diablo chassis for two weeks in April, for shows in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Evansville, Indiana. She would win six straight wheelie contests with the truck.
  • 2017 - all El Toro Loco's return to the original orange body. Marc McDonald and Chuck Werner ran the West Coast and East Coast Fox Sports 1 Series, respectively. Marc continued to run the black body for the first few shows of the FS1 Series though he went back to the red/orange in Jacksonville. Armando Castro also joined the team. In March, the black body was used again for Joe Sylvester in Saudi Arabia.
  • 2018 - Marc McDonald partially left the team to drive Fox Sports 1 Cleatus for the first quarter. Becky McDonough, Armando Castro, Mark List and Kayla Blood all return. A deal is made between Monster Jam and Steve Sims to run an El Toro Loco body on Hooked with Bryan Wright behind the wheel. Bryan drove the truck on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 1, Becky McDonough competed with El Toro Loco at Stadium Tour 3 and Chuck Werner on Stadium Tour 2. Mark List, Kayla Blood, and Armando Castro competed at the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series. McDonough competes at World Finals 19 while List and Blood once again competes at the Double Down Showdown. Marc would later return to driving El Toro Loco in the European tour on a new chassis. The truck also becomes the first Monster Jam truck to visit Indonesia when it displayed at the Indonesia International Motor Show. Becky McDonough's truck competed in the Australian Tour in the fall. Diesel Dave runs the truck in Houston and Minneapolis.
  • 2019 - Former Team Hot Wheels Firestorm driver Scott Buetow joins the team and debuts the new Ice El Toro Loco, which he runs on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 2. Bryan Wright went back to his truck Hooked. Chuck Werner left the team and joined the Max-D team. Kayla also left the team to drive Soldier Fortune, she was replaced by rookie driver Elvis Lainez. Brad Allen joins the team and competes on a stadium tour on the Brutus chassis. A body is put on Thor for a toy show in southern Germany.

Paint Schemes

  • Red/Orange - The first and most common version of El Toro Loco that is still used to this date. Small changes were made on the truck throughout its career (an example is the horn's color, which went from white to yellow).
  • Ice - Debuted in 2019 as part of Monster Jam's Fire & Ice, driven by Scott Buetow.
  • Black - Exclusively driven by Marc McDonald from 2013-2017. Now Retired.
  • Yellow - A version of El Toro Loco, mostly used by female drivers. Two trucks were built driven by Becky McDonough from 2013-2017 and Kayla Blood from 2016-2017. Now retired.
  • Brown - Rare dark red paint scheme run by Lupe Soza only in 2008.
  • Advance Auto Parts El Toro Loco - Run by Lupe Soza only at World Finals 9 and 10. Similar to the orange paint scheme, but with Advance Auto Parts campaign ads.
  • Blue (2018) - This was a version of the yellow El Toro Loco, with inverted colors, seen on a Hot Wheels toy in a Target Exclusive 5-pack. It was never made in real life.

Trucks That Have Run as El Toro Loco

World Finals Appearances

  • 2003 - Lupe Soza
  • 2004 - Lupe Soza (won freestyle)
  • 2005 - Lupe Soza
  • 2006 - Lupe Soza
  • 2007 - Lupe Soza
  • 2008 - Lupe Soza
  • 2009 - Lupe Soza
  • 2010 - Marc McDonald
  • 2011 - Marc McDonald
  • 2012 - Marc McDonald (YGS: Becky McDonough)
  • 2013 - Marc McDonald (YGS: Becky McDonough)
  • 2014 - Marc McDonald (YGS: Becky McDonough)
  • 2015 - Marc McDonald (YGS: Becky McDonough)
  • 2016 - Marc McDonald (YGS: Becky McDonough (yellow), Kayla Blood (orange))
  • 2017 - Marc McDonald, Becky McDonough (DDS: Mark List, Kayla Blood)
  • 2018 - Becky McDonough (DDS: Mark List, Kayla Blood)
  • 2019 - Becky McDonough (ATV: Mark List, 2-Wheel Skill: Armando Castro, Speedster: Mark List and Armando Castro, DDS: Mark List)


El Toro Loco is arguably one the most popular monster trucks, and it has had many other drivers besides the main 6. Ever since 2005, El Toro Loco has became a staple in the European tour. El Toro Loco has also been featured on many chassis, including The Patriot's chassis (owned by Dan Rodoni), the Hooked chassis (owned by Steve Sims), a Willman chassis (owned by Tom Meents) and many others.


  • Armando Castro's chassis was originally used as Soldier Fortune Black Ops for two shows in Minneapolis in 2016 before being converted to an El Toro Loco.
  • El Toro Loco is the only truck to compete in all Young Guns Shootout/Double Down Showdown events. The truck still hasn't won the title to this date.
  • Till date, only one El Toro Loco team driver has won a world title, that being Lupe Soza.
  • El Toro Loco is well known for "snorting" smoke of of it's snout, a unique feature that is triggered by the driver.
  • When the truck is driven by a female driver, a pink piece of cloth is tied around one of the horns.
  • Along with Grave Digger, El Toro Loco has been featured in every Monster Jam video game.