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Double Trouble is a 2005 Ford F-150 monster truck owned by Tyler Groth of Mirror Image Racing out of Washington (formerly) (now California). Since its debut in 2011, the truck has been a staple of various monster truck events across the west coast, competing alongside its teammate, Trouble Maker. It has also competed in the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series for three consecutive seasons, running as Zombie. The truck also ran as Canadian Tough Guy & Southern Crush.


Double Trouble was created in 2011, and later debuted under Tyler Groth. At the time of its debut, the truck originally ran a black paint scheme with a red custom chassis. The following year, Double Trouble received a new red paint scheme, and began competing in Monster Jam.

Double Trouble’s biggest, and perhaps, its most iconic, update came in 2013, when the truck debuted a brand new green paint scheme on a Chevrolet Silverado trophy truck body style. In 2015, Double Trouble received a brand-new chassis, designed by Straight Up Racing. It would also receive a slightly updated paint scheme. Also that year, the truck runs as Destroyer for one show. The chassis is also used for Trouble Maker in that years Young Guns Shootout, with the Double Trouble body displayed on the Trouble Maker chassis for the pit party.

In 2016, Double Trouble began competing in the Monster Jam Amsoil Series West as the yellow Zombie. Groth and the truck, still running as Zombie, would be invited to compete in the Young Guns Shootout at Monster Jam World Finals XVII. Later in the season, Double Trouble would receive another slightly updated paint scheme.

Double Trouble would again run as Zombie for the 2017 Monster Jam Triple Threat Series West, albeit with the standard design. Later in the year, the truck debuted a new black design, which ran in select shows for the remainder of the season.

Double Trouble would once again run as Zombie for the 2018 Monster Jam Triple Threat Series West. Afterwards, the truck debuted another new design, this time returning to the green paint scheme with a standard Chevrolet Silverado body style.

In 2019, Mirror Image Racing would drop out of Monster Jam and begin competing in smaller local leagues. Meanwhile, Double Trouble would also receive yet another new design, which included a brand new body style, that being a 2005 Ford F-150. The truck would also be temporarily renamed as Covid Crusher the following year.