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Doom's Day was a custom-bodied monster truck owned by FELD Motorsports. Introduced as an encore-excusive truck in 2014 before entering competition the following year, it was best known for its gimmick of having an anonymous driver in an all-black firesuit. In reality, Doom's Day had many different drivers over the years, most of whom were regular competitors at the event before running the body on a separate chassis for the 2014 encores. At its final show in St. Louis in 2016, the "true" driver was finally revealed to be Colt Stephens, who'd run the truck for the past two years. Doom's Day competed in two World Finals events, while the 2014 freestyle encore was dedicated to it. It shared its unusual body style with New Earth Authority Police (which also debuted in 2014), leading to many fans portraying the two trucks as rivals. The truck is also notable for being the only one in Monster Jam to not have an actual theme song; instead, a stock sound effect of an air-raid siren was usually played when the truck came out.



Doom’s Day made its official debut on January 4, 2014, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas driven by Tom Meents. At the time of its debut, the truck was used exclusively for encore performances at the end of select shows throughout the first quarter. Doom’s Day would later be featured in Monster Jam World Finals XV as part of the encore for day 2. For that occasion, a total of six trucks were featured; all of which attempted backflips. Following the World Finals, Doom’s Day would be featured in the 2014 Path of Destruction tour, alongside Dragon. Charlie Pauken drove Dragon & Doom's Day in East Rutherford. During the tour, the truck would perform its usual encore performances. Its chassis would later be shipped to Australia for that year’s Australian Tour, where it ran as Big Bash League.


Doom’s Day entered its first full year of competition in 2015, competing in its first show at the final shows of the 2014 season in Trenton. During the 2015 season, Doom’s Day would win a racing championship in Tacoma, and would later be invited to compete in Monster Jam World Finals XVI. During the World Finals, Doom’s Day would be eliminated in round two of racing by Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction and would finish last in freestyle. Pablo Huffaker was the driver. Following the World Finals, the truck would be featured in that year’s Path of Destruction tour, being run on the Hooked chassis with Steven Sims driving.



Monster Jam Doom's Day Freestyle from St. Louis, MO

Colt Stephens being revealed as the full-time Doom's Day driver at St. Louis 2016.

2016 marked Doom’s Day’s final year of competition. During that season, Doom’s Day would win the racing competition in New Orleans and was later invited to compete at Monster Jam World Finals XVII. During the said event, the truck was eliminated in round one of racing by Bari Musawwir in Zombie, and finished 29th in freestyle. Pablo again drove the truck. Afterward, Doom’s Day competed in very few events later in the season; it won the wheelie and freestyle championships during the second Glendale show in October and made its final appearance on December 3 at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri. During the latter show, the driver of Doom’s Day proceeded to take off his helmet, revealing himself to be Colt Stephens. Doom’s Day would be placed on indefinite hiatus afterward as Stephens moved to FS1 Cleatus.


Each of Doom's Day's drivers wore an all-black firesuit and a black helmet with a one-way visor concealing their identity. However, the following drivers list has been created by insiders and fan specualtion:

Events competed[]


  • Houston, TX, Jan 4 (Encore)
  • Anaheim, CA, Jan 10 (Encore)
  • Atlanta, GA, Jan 10 (Encore)
  • Tampa, FL, Jan 18 (Encore)
  • Orlando, FL, Jan 25 (Encore)
  • Anaheim, CA, Feb 8 (Encore)
  • Oklahoma City, OK, Feb 15-16 (Encore)
  • St. Louis, MO, Feb 21 (Encore)
  • Jacksonville, FL, Feb 21 (Encore)
  • Detroit, MI, Mar 6 (Encore)
  • Syracuse, NY, Mar 13 (Encore)
  • World Finals 15, Las Vegas, NV, Mar 22 (Multi-truck encore)
  • East Rutherford, NJ, Jun 14 (Encore)
  • Foxborough, MA, Jun 21 (Encore)
  • Trenton, NJ, Dec 27-28


  • Council Bluffs, IA, Jan 2-4
  • Tacoma, WA, Jan 9-11
  • San Diego, CA, Jan 17
  • Sacramento, CA, Jan 24-25
  • New Orleans, LA, Jan 31
  • Denver, CO, Feb 6-8
  • Pittsburgh, PA, Feb 13-15
  • Wheeling, WV, Feb 20-22
  • Nampa, ID, Feb 27-28
  • El Paso, TX, Mar 7-8
  • Reno, NV, Mar 13-15
  • World Finals 16, Las Vegas, NV, Mar 26-28
  • Santa Clara, CA, Apr 11
  • Ocala, FL, Apr 17-19
  • East Rutherford, NJ, Jun 13
  • Foxborough, MA, Jun 20


  • Charlotte, NC, Jan 8-9
  • Hidalgo, TX, Jan 15-17
  • San Antonio, TX, Jan 23-24
  • Anaheim, CA, Jan 30
  • San Diego, CA, Feb 6
  • Tampa, FL, Feb 6
  • Denver, CO, Feb 12-14
  • New Orleans, LA, Feb 20
  • Vancouver, BC, Feb 27
  • El Paso, TX, Mar 5-6
  • World Finals 17, Las Vegas, NV, Mar 17-19
  • Huntsville, AL, Apr 1-3
  • Chattanooga, TN, Apr 8-9
  • Glendale, AZ, Oct 8
  • St. Louis, MO, Dec 3

World Finals appearances[]

World Finals Year Driver(s) Appearance Performance
Monster Jam World Finals XVI 2015 Pablo Huffaker Main field
  • Qualifying: 16.558 (9th of 32)
  • Racing: round 2 loss (to Max-D)
  • Freestyle: 6 (32nd of 32)
Monster Jam World Finals XVII 2016 Pablo Huffaker Main field
  • Qualifying: 16.337 (15th of 32)
  • Racing: round 1 loss (to Zombie)
  • Freestyle: 14.5 (28-29th of 32)

Video game appearances[]


  • Doom's Day utilizes a body that is almost identical to that of New Earth Authority. This led to many fans considering both trucks to be “enemies.” Doom’s Day did actually race N.E.A. once in San Diego 2015, with N.E.A. winning the race.
  • To fit the theme of the truck being mysterious, the chassis was ran without any sponsor plates.
  • Doom's Day rolled over during its first-ever scored freestyle performance in Trenton.
  • Doom’s Day had rather poor luck when it came to freestyle competitions in the World Finals. In 2015, its freestyle performance featured only two hits. In 2016, its performance was also short because of problems with Pablo's seatbelt.
  • Despite its retirement by the end of the 2016 season, Doom’s Day was featured in a behind-the-scenes interview in 2017 with Dustin Brown.
  • Doom's Day usually used a stock air raid siren sound effect as its theme song; however, at its debut performance in Houston 2014, it used the song "Unstoppable" by ES Posthumus.
  • During its encore performances throughout 2014, clips from various movies showing buildings being destroyed in apocalyptic fashion were displayed on the videoboards before Doom's Day came out of the pits.
  • The midsection and rear portions of the body style were altered molds of the canceled Dr. Doom.
  • In 2019, a redesigned render of Doom’s Day was leaked. The render, however, has never come to be.
  • A Spin Master 1:64 scale diecast of Doom’s Day was planned to be released in 2019 as part of a double pack with N.E.A. Police, but was canceled for unknown reasons.
  • One of the grills from the Doom's Day body was auctioned off as part of an auction by Monster Jam and St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.
  • Landon Wells was rumored to be one of the drivers, but this was not true.
  • The Hot Wheels release of the truck was just a reused N.E.A. casting painted black.
  • After each encore, the truck was covered with a tarp if the truck flipped or couldn't drive off the track. A black SUV escorted the secret driver away. The announcers would say nothing as if the truck wasn't even there.
  • Besides Houston 2014, Doom's Day was the only truck to not use an actual theme song.
  • Doom's Day was one of 3 known trucks to not have the name on the side. The others were An Escalade & Batman. All were black.


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