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Dirt Crew is a custom 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 dump truck monster truck owned by DCT Powersports out of Lafayette, Indiana. It is primarily driven by Jerry Beck, but has also been driven by various other drivers over the course of its career, including Tim Missentzis, Vern House, and Marc McDonald. Since its debut in 2015, the truck has become a staple of various leagues, most notably the Toughest Monster Truck Tour and Monster Truck Throwdown, and currently competes alongside its teammates Maximus, Block Head and Dozer.


Dirt Crew was originally created in 2015 as the successor to DCT Powersports’ previous truck, Park Patrol. The truck began competition later in the year under Jerry Beck.

The following year, Dirt Crew began displaying the phrase "Get A Load of This!" atop of its dump bed.

Beginning in 2017, Tim Missentzis began driving the truck on occasion.

In 2019, Joe Martin drives the truck for the Back To School Bash in Charlotte.

In 2020, Jerry Beck finished in the runner-up position on the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

In 2022, the truck has had a few fill in drivers like Marc McDonald, Elliott Miller, Jon Zimmer Jr. and Jack Brown.

In 2023, for the Miami, Oklahoma events & in Escanaba, Michigan, Jon Zimmer Jr. drove the truck. Jon became the king of Miami. Marc McDonald drove the truck again in Lamar, Missouri. In Pueblo, Colorado, Daron Basl was the driver. Ryan Como drove the truck in South Burton, Ontario. Jared Smith and James Calhoun are also recurring fill-in drivers as of 2023. Jerry finished 2nd in points on the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

In 2024, Jerry finally wins the Toughest Monster Truck Tour. Tim Mizzentis returns to drive the truck during the summer of 2024.


  • When Monster Jam announced the creation of their own dump truck-themed monster truck, Earth Shaker, during their 2017 season kickoff, Dirt Crew gained attention from fans, who claimed that Earth Shaker’s design was directly stolen from that of Dirt Crew.
  • The truck is equipped with a horn via a switch located in the cab, just like Krazy Train, Train Wreck & Lucas Stabilizer.
  • The truck no longer features the ''Get A Load Of This'' saying on the dump bed.