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Devastator circa 2021


Double Action Motorsports


Aaron Basl (current), Mark Schroeder, Bruce Hubbard (past)

Body Style

2004 Chevy Silverado


Big Block Chevy 468


Griner Engineering


66" Terra / Firestone / BKT



Theme Song

"Destroy as you Go" by 9 Electric (Feat. Wayne Static) (2012-present) "Destroy All" by Static-X (Monster Trucks Insanity Tour) "Kickstart my Heart" by Motley Crue (Toughest Monster Truck Tour) "Fuel" by Metallica (Indianapolis 2007)

Devastator is a Chevy Silverado monster truck owned and driven by Aaron Basl as part of Double Action Motorsports. The truck was formerly owned and driven by Mark Schroeder out of Oregon.

Mark Schroeder first built the truck in 1997 on a chassis similar to the 1992 Bear Foot and original Bulldozer with vertical front four-links and the engine in the front. In late 2003, Schroeder debuted an all new Racesource chassis Devastator as well as a brand new paint job designed by Hot Wheels in 2004, which the truck still runs to this day. Starting in 2007, the truck would occasionally run as its alter-ego, The Felon, often switching between the two from year to year.

In 2018, Schroeder hired Aaron Basl to drive the truck after he was hospitalized in late 2017. Basl competed with the truck on Monster Jam Stadium Tour 2 and a few more shows afterwards, rolling the Racesource truck over for the very first time in Oakland, California. Schroeder later returned to the truck and split driving duties with Basl in 2019.

In 2020 it was sold to the Basl brothers as Mark retired from driving. In 2021, the Basl brothers officially form Double Action Motorsports, with Devastator having it's first event in Vivint Arena at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Video Game Appearances