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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 4 days ago

Monster Jam Future Monster Trucks Part 5

120. First Blood

121. Frankenstein

122. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

123. Bombshell

124. Paw Patrol Chase Monster Truck

125. Paw Patrol Skye Monster Truck

126. Paw Patrol Marshall Monster Truck

127. Paw Patrol Rubble Monster Truck

128. Paw Patrol Rocky Monster Truck

129. Paw Patrol Zuma Monster Truck

130. Paw Patrol Tracker Monster Truck

131. Paw Patrol Everest Monster Truck

132. Paw Patrol Liberty Monster Truck

133. Paw Patrol Rex Monster Truck

134. Paw Patrol Al Monster Truck

135. Backdraft

136. Wicked

137. The Convict

138. Skully

139. PsychoPAT

140. Radical Motion

141. Rust Bucket

142. Bad Company

143. Fast Metal

144. Traxxas X-Maxx

145. Ice Cream Man

146. Kraken

147. Stone Crusher

148. 10,000 Pound Hound

149. Hotweiler

150. Captain's Curse

151. Pirate's Curse

152. Juras…

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 4 days ago

Monster Jam Future Monster Trucks Part 4

80. Rat Nasty

81. Aftershock

82. Axe

83. Over Bored

84. Kaptain Insano

85. The Mystery Machine

86. EarthShaker

87. Megalodon

88. Bars Leaks Eliminator

89. USA-1

90. Black Stallion

91. Horse Power

92. Sparkle Smash

93. Racing Stripes

94. Bigfoot

95. Jurassic Attack

96. Velociraptor (Team Throttle)

97. Grave Digger the Legend

98. Brutus

99. Spike Unleashed

100. Wrecking Crew

101. Rage

102. Wrecking Machine

103. Wreckreational

104. Wreckreation

105. Advance Auto Parts Grinder

106. Mohawk Warrior

107. Hooked

108. Zombie

109. Blue Thunder

110. Little Tiger

111. Big Tow

112. Monster Energy

113. BroDozer

114. BroCamino

115. Krazy Train

116. Del Scorcho

117. El Diablo

118. Full Charge

119. Dragon

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 4 days ago

Monster Jam Future Monster Trucks Part 3

51. Avenger

52. El Toro Loco

53. Bulldozer

54. Son Uva Digger

55. Mad Dog

56. War Wizard

57. Dirt Crew Dozer

58. Donkey Kong

59. Craniac

60. Devil's Taxi

61. Bounty Hunter

62. Scarlet Bandit

63. Predator

64. Prowler

65. Pouncer

66. Mega Wrex

67. Rat Attack

68. Equalizer

69. Excaliber

70. King Cobra

71. Dysfunctional

72. Snake Bite

73. Walking Tall

74. Markiplier Monster Truck

75. Jacksepticeye Monster Truck

76. Boogey Van

77. War Wagon

78. Smashosaurus

79. Tailgator

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 5 days ago

Monster Jam Future Monster Trucks Part 2

26. Thomas The Tank Engine Monster Truck

27. Bad Habit Relapse

28. Taurus

29. Micheal Jackson Monster Truck

30. Spitfire (SUR)

31. Carolina Crusher

32. HALO Monster Truck

33. Dreamworks The Bad Guys Monster Truck

34. Godzilla Monster Truck

35. Invader

36. Zombie

37. Dragon Slayer

38. TITANIC Monster Truck

39. Backwards Bob

40. Monster Mutt

41. Monster Mutt Dalmation

42. Liquidator

43. Jail Bird

44. Five Nights At Freddy's Monster Truck

45. FNAF Freddy Fazbear Monster Truck

46. FNAF Bonnie Monster Truck

47. FNAF Chica Monster Truck

48. FNAF Foxy Monster Truck

49.FNAF Mangle Monster Truck

50. FNAF Springtrap Monster Truck

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 5 days ago

Monster Jam Future Trucks

  1. Grave Digger

2. Maximum Destruction (The OG From 2003-2012)

3. Dino Patrol

4. Monster Patrol

5. Shell Camino

6. Cyclops

7. The Xtermigator

8. High Roller

9. Skeletor

10. Black Panther

11. Knucklehead

12. MrBeast Monster Truck

13. Kim Possible Monster Truck

14. Winx Club Monster Truck

15. Totally Spies Monster Truck

16. Paw Patrol Monster Truck

17. Crash Bandicoot

18. Pokemon Monster Truck

19. Pixar's Turning Red Monster Truck

20. The Lion Guard Monster Truck

21. Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Truck

22. Scooby Doo

23. Henry Danger Monster Truck

24. Danger Force Monster Truck

25. TMNT

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 5 days ago

Monster Jam Future

Monster Jam Future will be a spin off to the Monster Truck international monster truck sport series and there will be new monster truck, some classic monster trucks returning and retired trucks that will be returning to the spotlight. the release date is set to be announced.

There will be 177 trucks in total with 22 of the main trucks competing at the events. Fun fact, most monster truck events will be held at Sam Boyd Stadium, some trucks will be based on and inspired by kids' show & movie characters and some inspired by famous kids' shows. The series is set to last until 2108, the year i'll die in.

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TheSickSteven TheSickSteven 27 June

BeamNG Monster Jam Gaming Web Series Announcment

I've announced my Beamng monster jam web series back in 2021, it will premiere on NETFLIX, Hulu, Peacock and Paramount Plus in 2034 (maybe).

Trucks that will be competing in the series (i'm only showing you these trucks cause there will be so many that will be competing):

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Sunki2 Sunki2 8 June


I will be hosting the Red-Hot Championship on June 10th and 11th!

The truck list is as follows:


Grave Digger

Grave Digger The Legend

Son-uva Digger

Megalodon Fire

Bounty Hunter

El Toro Loco

You can find my user name on my page.

I have a link to the game we are playing.

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OldBoiJenkins OldBoiJenkins 24 July 2021

Monster 4x4: Project Hartsock

Recently I've went to work on a rom hack of the 2003 racing game "Monster 4x4 Masters of Metal" titled "Monster 4x4: Project Hartsock." While it is far from finished, as I will be spending a lot of time learning how to edit 3d models and audio, I have had plans for the hack:

Trucks that were unused (Scarlet Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Hulk, etc) will be present in the game.

Redesigned tracks that will be much more maneuverable (and won't stump the poor AI that is already there)

Make it a much harder game than it already is.

I have went to work on it, and so far, its a very slow process.

I've been getting in touch with developers and modelers who know more about this than I do. I need as much help as I can get. Please message me if you know anybody w…

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Warwizardracing Warwizardracing 7 April 2021

Corbin, KY 2021

] Season kick off for our team. Monsters of Destruction in Corbin, KY was three shows in two days. After 6 long months off we were happy to be back out entertaining the fans. With nine events total for the weekend RJ was able to pilot the ole War Wizard into two fastest qualifier runs only to on Friday night to toss it all away in his bi run on the second turn the truck hooked and hiked up onto two wheels and on over. He could have saved as he did in the semi finals of Saturday night show but he did not want to tear more up trying to save it that early in the weekend. Along with the fastest qualifying runs he took home two skills events and all three freestyle events. So a total of 5 event wins. Not to bad after six months off. Well off to…

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ToonRaiderStudios ToonRaiderStudios 16 November 2020

List of Hot Wheels Monster Truck Theme Song Origins

This page is for fun.

As you probably know, the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks live tour features theme songs written for their trucks. What many people don't know however, is that on Hot Wheels' youtube channel, they've been making these dumb little videos for kids featuring their trucks racing down hills and obstacles, and they've recently begun making theme songs for the fictional trucks as well. I plan to compile all of the small little theme songs eventually, but I also plan to try and original songs that many of the themes are based on, because its rather clear that many of them are actually based on riffs and sections of pre-existing songs.

These are not custom themes. These are attempts to identify what songs hot wheels based some of their …

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RingoB RingoB 9 November 2020

We Need an Administration.

This whole situation with the constant back and forth editing is getting ridiculous. Someone needs to step in, and we have nobody to do that. I have already submitted an application for adoption just in case, but does anyone object to this? This is necessary for the future of this wiki.

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RingoB RingoB 13 October 2020

On the Concept of Adoption

I have always been a great fan of an administration that works with its members. To me, this is an important aspect to make a fandom wiki thrive and not be filled with filler garbage. From looking at the special user list, there is only one admin, Matthewr, who has not edited since January 2014 and I do not believe is going to be active again. So why haven’t we tried to adopt this wiki yet? We need to get rid of the boat load of content in Candidates for deletion and only admins can do that.

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PolarisWasTaken PolarisWasTaken 18 September 2020

List of Monster Jam themes from the Late 2000's

Making this page for myself and for whoever else is interested in what themes certain trucks used at certain shows, primarily ones from the 2007-2012 period. Inspired by ToonRaider's blog post where he looks for stuff from the Early 2000's.

Go check it out if you haven't already: User blog:ToonRaiderStudios/List of Monster Jam Themes from the early 2000s

I would also like to add that I'm starting to post what I find on this Blog Post on a separate Google Spreadsheet, which is linked here. I'll still be updating this Blog Post.

  • 1 2001
  • 2 2002
  • 3 2003
  • 4 2004
  • 5 2006
  • 6 2007
  • 7 2008
  • 8 2009
  • 9 World Finals 10
  • 10 2010
  • 11 2011
  • 12 2012
  • 13 2013
  • 14 2015

Bustin' Loose: "Freak On A Leash" by Korn (Minneapolis)

Bulldozer: "Dragula" by Rob Zombie (Minneapolis)

Sting: "Dragula" by Rob Zombie…

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ToonRaiderStudios ToonRaiderStudios 21 July 2020

List of Monster Jam Themes from the early 2000s

Making this little page just for myself here. With the launch of Monster Jam's service on Youtube, theyve been uploading some episodes of Monster Jam in pretty good quality. In particular, the 2004 Season has a strange quirk where the voices of Scott Douglass and Ken Stout only play through the left ear of whatever headphones I use, leaving the right ear with no commentary, just the pure, unchanged audio of the event. Because of this, I managed to hear a few of the songs playing. None of this is groundbreaking info or anything, just mildly interesting to myself.

Check out PolarisProductions list as well if you haven't already. He has also been looking for theme songs and has been incredibly successful in digging up several songs I would hav…

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 9 July 2020

Is this from the Ford 100th Anniversary Event?

Is this from the Ford 100 Aniversary Event (2003)? 

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 28 April 2020

Check out this game trailer!

Look at this! We need to add it to the wiki. BTW where did the info about Monster Truck Destruction 2 being canceled come from?

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Monster truck nerd Monster truck nerd 25 April 2020

Influencer Pages

Ok so important question, why do we have “Influencers” on here. If they belong anywhere it’s Spinmaster wiki but not here being they are focused on the die casts. Now don’t get wrong I like Ryan but is it necessary to have him on here basically advertising himself. That’s just my thoughts. Monster truck nerd (talk)

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Wiryabudisantoso Wiryabudisantoso 23 April 2020

Earth Day

Today and yesterday, it was Earth Day. I hope this year the conservation and the environment will be improved well and the animals were well protected. For users, followers, admins, and viewers who follow this wiki (Monster Trucks Wiki), Happy Earth Day and please watch National Geographic about Earth Day.

Also this is my first blog for Monster Trucks Wiki.

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TheFactCrusher TheFactCrusher 9 April 2020

Stop the clutter of adding themes

please stop, most of these trucks have no themes, as they are too old or do not have one to begin with, please stop. plus nobody cares what song wha truck uses. if you do its rather pathetic.

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MonsterJamHistorian MonsterJamHistorian 24 March 2020

Atlanta Results

Hello there, 

I was wondering if anyone knows the results from Atlanta 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997?

If anyone knows please leave them below or shoot me a message on Instagram @monsterjamhistorian

Thank you so much!

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Spongebill Spongebill 15 March 2020

What do you guys tick of this idea of a new Monster Jam truck

So what do you guys think of this new idea for a project of a Monster Jam truck?

A revival of Earthquake

Owner: Freedom Racing

Driver: Gary Dykman

Body Style: Toyota Tacoma

Chassis: Old Blue Thunder chassis

Design: A design of an Earthquake in a jungle.

Theme Song: "Animals" by Nickelback

And it will be great. And it will be a teammate to Cyclops (2016)

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Spongebill Spongebill 29 February 2020

Check out this cool project.

So what do you guys think of this cool project

A truck based on a band

If FELD can get into a contract with Lamb of God then this could happen.

Body style: Chevrolet

Design: On both sides Ashes from Wake and Sacrament, On the hood Wraith.

The ideal driver: Chad Tingler

The firesuit: Lamb of God Sacrament

Theme Song: "Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God

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MidwesternEastcoaster MidwesternEastcoaster 16 February 2020

The quest for knowledge doesn’t always end well

I know this sites to help people be the most informative about monster trucks and drivers, but some of the information being put on her is at times premature, as people are in the process of making things happen, and or in the midst of them falling apart. Some information is immensely personal too. I admire everyone’s enthusiasm and dedication to the sport and the knowledge, but remember what happens when you know too much, you can become alien to those around you. Bridges can be burned. Food for thought friends

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Bringbackcrushcars Bringbackcrushcars 14 February 2020

Combined teams/ fire and ice challenge

New idea for fire and ice challenge. Hear me out.

6 teams. 24 drivers. Still fire and ice.

Aside from team Max-D, all other teams would be completely fan picked.

Teams would be;

Team max D; Tom meents, Colton eichelberger, Blake Granger and Neil Elliott.

Team Grave Digger; fan chosen from current roster of 7 full time drivers.

Team megalodon, fan chosen from current roster of 5 full time drivers.

Team Zombie, fan chosen from current roster of 6 full time drivers.

Team Dog Pound, chosen from all monster mutt varieties, 6 current drivers.

Team El Toro Loco, fan chosen from current roster of 7 full time drivers.

Fulltime will be considered drivers running full tour, including independent drivers.

Team fire is MAX-D, Megalodon and Zombie.

Team ice is Grav…

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MonsterTruckNerd200 MonsterTruckNerd200 29 January 2020

3 days before Tampa...

So i've made a decision. If i don't get into team Digger, then i've decided to create an all new truck. It's name...? The "Italian Stallion". Based off of my favorite movie character, Rocky Balboa. I've made concept art for the truck below, both with and without my signature. Now moving to the main topic: Three Days before Tampa 2. I've been watching Stadium Red and i'm impressed by the lead change throughout the tour, starting with Avenger gaining the lead with an overall win in Anaheim, then the points getting shook up when GC Mohawk Warrior won the overall even in San Antonio on Saturday, then the highly anticipated overall event win given to Grave Digger. We then move on to Houston Texas, where we saw Grave Digger sweep the racing and …

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Mythman96 Mythman96 21 January 2020


Has anyone else notice that at monster truck evets in general that amount of giveaways to fans has decreased? Aside from the small stuff the drivers give out after winning at Monster Truck Throwdown and what hosts give at Monster Jam, no one seems to give stuff away. For years I've been trying to get a Grave Digger flag, but no luck.

I do have plenty of stuff from the past though. Including, three plaques, a crusader flag, and as far as I am aware the only Monster Mutt tag ever given to a fan (Ice Dalmatian at WF 20).

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Spongebill Spongebill 21 January 2020

Some more Monster Jam truck Ideas

Hey guys so I have some more Monster Jam truck Ideas.

  • 1 The Zen guy
  • 2 SpongeBob SquarePants
  • 3 Ghost Rider
  • 4 My Little Pony Maul-icorn
  • 5 Big Bad Beast
  • 6 Mountain Dew
  • 7 Funk of A Digger
  • 8 Bad Bull
  • 9 Happy Tree Friends
  • 10 Nintendo Switch
  • 11 Junkyard Ride
  • 12 Giant Trash

It is crazy out there.

The body style: the midsection is from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the front part is from El Toro Loco and Bulldozer, and the back part is from the original Blue Thunder with two kitanas.

The ideal driver: Arron Basl

The design: All white and the kitanas have orange handles.

The firesuit: Looks like Deadpool's suit.

The theme song: "obZen" by Meshuggah

A SpongeBob truck as a tribute to Stephen Hillenburg.

The body style: Chevy

The ideal driver Chad Fortune

The design: SpongeBob and Patr…

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JoshWizz123 JoshWizz123 18 January 2020

My 2021 Monster Jam tour idea

I've made a similar post about this last year for my idea for the 2020 tour line-ups, and I thought I could do it again for this year. Tell me what you think.

Triple Threat Series East

Grave Digger - Brandon Vinson

Max-D - Blake Granger

Zombie - Brittany Marcotte

El Toro Loco - Elvis Lainez

Blue Thunder - Joe Urie

Monster Mutt Husky - New Driver

Dragon (On Nitro Menace) - Darren Migues

Wonder Woman (On Jailbird) - Kaylyn Migues

Triple Threat Series Central

Grave Digger - Weston Anderson

Max-D - Colton Eichelberger

El Toro Loco - Armando Castro

Mohawk Warrior - New Driver

Monster Energy - Steven Sims

Scooby-Doo - Myranda Cozad

Pirate's Curse (on King Krunch) - Dillon Fenley

Monster Mutt (on Nitro Hornet) - Unknown

Triple Threat Series West

Grave Digger - Kryst…

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MonsterTruckNerd200 MonsterTruckNerd200 17 January 2020

2020 here we come

What a great start for Stadium Series Red and Green. Besides Buddy Tompkins getting injured, the first stops were amazing! We saw the official debut of BroCamino. 1/21/20 Also we saw the debuts of Wild-Side and Just-Get-Er-Done 2. looking at the current point standings, i believe that monster energy will probably hold the lead for a few stops. Also, looking at the power rankings so far, with avenger and jester getting their first overall win, i can't wait to see more power rankings for the 2020 season!


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Spongebill Spongebill 13 January 2020

What Monster Jam truck do you want to see?

So guys I have some Monster Jam truck Ideas. Here they are, Are you ready?

  • 1 The Writer
  • 2 Big Super Butterfly
  • 3 Mr. Sinister
  • 4 NBC Mechna Monster
  • 5 Sonic The Hedgehog
  • 6 Monster Mutt Chihuahua
  • 7 AutoZone
  • 8 Dumb Outlaw
  • 9 Got
  • 10 Problem Child

The successor to The Broker

The body style: Custom body Style (A Ford pickup with on the hood both sides of the hood at one side a feather and on the other side a bottle of ink and the hood a 3-D piece of paper)

Theme Song: "I Write Sins not Tragedies" by Panic! At the Disco

I thought I'd do a butterfly monster truck

The body style: Custom butterfly

Theme Song: "Natural" by Imagine Dragons

He doesn't look like trouble, Does he? Well, He has a other personality that is way worse than you ever think.

The body style: Custom Corvette (…

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 13 January 2020

Monster Jam Hall Of Fame

With the induction of Dennis Anderson and Scott Douglas into the Monster Jam Hall Of Fame this last weekend in Tampa, who do you think will be inducted next? The actual ceremony will be at the World Finals this year. My bet is that Tom Meents will be next along with either Gary Porter or Pablo Huffaker.

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 12 January 2020

This is stupid!

Feld has a new rule, which prevents a truck who rolls over or breaks within the 1st 30 seconds, from getting a score. This is STUPID in my opinion! If they want to fix the problem of trucks winning with 30 second runs, then get professional judges. Get rid of the current system. It is biased!

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Spongebill Spongebill 3 January 2020

What would you guys think of a Monster Jam Cartoon?

How would you guys think a Monster Jam cartoon work?

You guys give me your ideas, Alright?

And what channel do you guys think it would be on?

And who would voice the characters?

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ToonRaiderStudios ToonRaiderStudios 30 December 2019

Monster Jam Concept trucks custom theme songs

I'm just writing this down for no other reason then my own interest in the concept trucks that FELD has made, and my own taste in music for what would fit them. Being concept trucks, and being that there is no definitive answer as to whether any of them will ever become real (being as it is really up to Feld themselves to decide if they want to do them or not), I wondered what the theme songs to these trucks may be. Most are custom ideas, with a few bits of inspiration from some of the videos MonsterJamOcd has made with them, as many of the truck reveals on instagram include very fitting music, which often times is better then what I imagined, lol.

Most of this is just for fun. I just enjoy the designs of these concept trucks

  • Wildfire (Feld)…
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Bonkaroni Bonkaroni 24 December 2019

Small question

Does anyone know the source of these two images?

I'm just curious about where they're from.

- SpiderBat25

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MonsterTruckNerd200 MonsterTruckNerd200 13 December 2019

First Blog: 12/13/19.

CREATED 12/13/19

TITLE: Greetings, Personal Information, and Monster Truck Knowledge

8 months and 30 days away from Tampa 2020;

Dear Monster Truck Fandom,

I am very happy to finally be a member of this wonderful community, as I have always wanted to be a member of something in which I am free to share my special knowledge with the community. As you may have read on my profile and my profile name, I am a huge nerd when it comes to monster trucks, I can name special dates for the monster truck industry (such as the first backflip in scored competition, and so much more). As I type this entry I think about the 2020 year, as this year will be the last of the 2010s. I reminice on all the accomplishments that have been made this year, such as the fi…

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ToonRaiderStudios ToonRaiderStudios 12 December 2019

Spin Master Monster Jam Prototype Commercial

So  today I was looking on Youtube, and I finally came across the demo reel/ commercial for the 2019 Spinmaster Monster Jam series. As to be expected, there was plenty of prototype trucks and designs that differed from the final releases, and I wanted to go ahead and show them here.

  • 1 Grave Digger
  • 2 Megalodon and Zombie
  • 3 Dragon
  • 4 Various 
  • 5 Cancelled Trucks
  • 6 Lucas Oil Crusader
  • 7 VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist

Grave Digger has the most screen time of all the trucks, as to be expected. Interestingly, they have the unrevised body on a digger with green wheels, which did not happen in final release. Unrevised Digger had grey wheels, while revised digger had green ones.

Interestingly enough, the front of the truck is also different. The headlight sockets have…

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 3 December 2019

Facebook Groups

Hello everyone, should we add some of the Monster Truck Facebook groups like The Old U.S.H.R.A group to the front where the website links are at. The reason that I think that we should is because these sites tend to have very good information about Monster Truck history. There is very little profanity on these sites and you can view them, even without a Facebook account.

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ToonRaiderStudios ToonRaiderStudios 27 November 2019

Demo Derby 2020 Prediction

With all the european trucks running new designs, I'm gonna make a predition for Demo Derby 2020. I believe that the truck will be running the Torque Terror, or Podium Crasher body diesigns under the name Demo Derby. After all, the current Demo Derby truck is actually Town Hauler, so it would make sense for them to use designs that theyve shown off before. 

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Monster truck nerd Monster truck nerd 25 November 2019

2020 Monster Truck News

So this Blog will eventually expand to have more news.

Today I don’t have news but I’m pretty sure V8 Bomber will have the army green design that was released by hot wheels in 2020 because it is in the Hotwheels Monster Trucks Live Group and the group has 6 trucks so yeah V8 Bomber will probably have a new design which is cool.

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 25 November 2019

Hotwheels Bigfoot "8"

Has anyone found this yet? Monster JamOCD had found some on eBay, but I am having trouble finding any right now. I hope that Mattel gets their Shit together and fire the person in charge of distribution! Damnit I really want to find it. I haven't checked Best Buy yet, because there are none in my area. As a die-hard Bigfoot fan, this has me extremely PISSED off. I hope it gets re-released next year.

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Pablo312 Pablo312 23 November 2019

What Monster Jam Truck do you want to be In Truckin’ Pal form?

I’m just curious about what kind of your favorite MJ truck would you like to be in Truckin’ Pal form, Go ahead, Give your favorite MJ truck a Bio, Catchphrases, Special Abilities and a group role.

Here’s my Example:

Iron Outlaw

The Monster Jam’s toughest hombre, The baddest bandit in the Monster Jam gulch. He’s may run from the Long Arm Of The Law, But he couldn’t hide from Whiplash from taken him to his own prison cell. This desperado would always be on the run ever since, but He would get a one-way ticket to his downfall, but he would always get back up without a Wanted poster of him “coast to coast”, It’s unknown if he can run and hide from The Long Arm Of The Law, But it is comes to sure that he would be a bad sheriff of Monster Jam to bo…

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 14 November 2019

Check this out!

Check this out folks! Real History right here!

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Monster truck nerd Monster truck nerd 11 November 2019

International Monster Truck Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Hey is anyone going to the Hall Of Fame this weekend? I know I am not but I will be there next year hopefully. - Monster Truck Nerd

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 7 November 2019


Which Bigfoot is this?  Is that 8,9, or 12? It is not 15, because it has a front engine. Can someone please let us know which Bigfoot this actually is, so it can get added to the correct page?

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TheFactCrusher TheFactCrusher 25 October 2019

So is the RII for show or do they intend to use the damn thing????

why have a safety device that shuts down a truck if your not going to use it for the purpose of preventing major property damage, risk injuring spectators and track crew, as well as the three quarter million dollar race vehicle??? And dont counter this with the whole "he could have powered out and saved it" bullshit. You have the RII, used the fucking thing. I have only ever seen it used twice before shit got bad at a show. Every other time it was too late or after the fact.

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Teamscreamfan2589778 Teamscreamfan2589778 24 October 2019

2019, a bad year?

So now that we’re entering into the last months of this year, let’s see why it has been a bad year, for Monster Jam, cause outside Monster Jam, almost everything is fine. So we begin with the Zoomies removal that happened in early 2019, it actually started in late 2018 but fans realized in early 2019.

Then comes the announcement of no more crush cars, which I understand, as nothing lasts forever, specially cars from a certain period in time.

The fiascos of fan judging throughout the whole year, although I think Linsey Read and Scooby Doo! Can be pasable.

The deceases of Tom Herzog and Mike Thompson, you’re missed.

Did I missed something?

I’m just saying that 2019 has hit hard on everyone, so I think this is by far, the worst year in my life, at…

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Timebomb192potato Timebomb192potato 23 October 2019


Fans realize something Feld, Monster X, Monster Truck Throwdown, etc. etc. does not: that robust 40-something-year old motorsports racing industries, while seemingly healthy, are in actuality as fragile as two bricks tied together with tissue paper. One mistake, one bad mis-step will cause the entire thing to shatter and fall apart; and monster trucking would be ruined forever.

Fortunately, there is hope. Monster truck fans have resolved to remain ever vigilant against something that could Ruin Monster Trucks Forever, and call out a warning if they see something that could potentially do so.

Some monster truck conservationists suggest a more extreme approach, that monster truck promoters should abandon all attempts at re-inventing their raci…

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CowboyGeneral CowboyGeneral 1 October 2019

Skoal Bandit or Skoal Crusher?

Is this Skoal Bandit or Skoal Crusher? Facebook says its Skoal Crusher. It looks like Skoal Bandit to me. Anyone know for sure?

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