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Bigfoot 5 is a Ford F-250 monster truck owned and built by Bigfoot 4X4. The truck is considered one of the most iconic and recognizable monster trucks due to its gigantic wheels weighing approximately 2,400 pounds each. Due to its unusual height, this truck has never actually been involved in a monster truck competition, but has competed against other Bigfoot trucks, done displays, and ran exhibition obstacle races at Jamboree events. In addition to height, Bigfoot 5 is also the heaviest monster truck ever built, at 28,000lbs. The truck has occasionally run dual tires (as seen in the gallery below), increasing the truck's weight by 1 ton.


The truck was built in 1986 to be the world's tallest monster truck. The truck sits on 10-foot-tall tires that came from a scrapped military "land train" vehicle, built in the 1950's for use on the Alaskan tundra, in contrast to the long time 66-inch-tall standard monster truck tire.

The truck was originally Godzilla owned by Joe Ritter, making it one of only three Bigfoot vehicles to have been converted from something else, the others being Fastrax and Bigfoot 19. The original 1974 body was replaced by a 1988 body as part of a fleet-wide body style update, and later and early 1990's body. Eli Mann owns the plow truck that the 1974 body was put on.

In 1995, the body was updated again to a 1996 model when Bigfoot 7 was converted to a non-functioning replica of #5 for the Orlando branch of the Race Rock Cafe theme restaurant. Bigfoot 7 now sits in a small theme park in Kissimmee, Florida, following the closure of Race Rock in 2006.

A second non-functioning replica was built in 1999 for the Las Vegas location of Race Rock, which now is at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Illinois.

Today, Bigfoot 5 will rotate display between the Bigfoot 4x4 shop, and B & H Markets in Pacific, Missouri, as they are down the road from each other.


  • Little information has been released about the truck's construction despite video of it completed is shown on Bigfoot in Action: Vault Edition, and some build photos in Marty Garza's book. This has likely been done to avoid anyone attempting to copy in any form the truck and protect its uniqueness. Though Superfoot in Canada was reconstructed to be taller, it was never operational thus never claim any of the titles 5 holds.
  • While on display at the Hazelwood shop, people would attempt to steal parts off it as the engine was often exposed. There was one instance where a criminal hid from police in the bed of the truck until a helicopter flew overhead and found them. Due to these events, this is why the truck will rotate between the shop and market after the move.
  • When McDonalds made the Bigfoot Happy Meal line, the tires were the influence for the alternate colors and height. In the Bigfoot 4x4x4 video game, you start the competition levels with similar tires, and when you beat the game, the image is with a Bigfoot or player 2 of the trucks size.
  • The truck has been featured on Ridiculous Rides.
  • Bigfoot 5 has also done mud bogs & car pulls. The truck was hooked up to a car on one end & Bigfoot 1 was attached to the other end & they would pull the car apart.