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Big Kahuna is a 2022 Ford Bronco monster truck owned and driven by Shane England out of Powderly, Texas. Created in 2013 as part of England's "Kahuna Motorsports" team, the truck originally toured with Flame Motorsports during its debut year, until beginning competition independently in 2015. Since then, Big Kahuna has become a fan favorite for its various designs, usually featuring a surfboard displayed on the rear of the truck. England has also been well-known for his consecutive backflip attempts, most of which occurred throughout the 2017 season.


Big Kahuna originally debuted in 2013, with Shane England behind the wheel. At the time of its debut, the truck competed as part of Flame Motorsports, touring alongside King Krunch and Nitro Hornet. Big Kahuna would later begin competing independently in 2015, after England was able to acquire a Racesource chassis.

In 2016, Big Kahuna debuted an all-new design, being themed after a beat-up 1961 Chevrolet K-10 surf wagon. The following year, England and the truck competed in Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series 4. During the series, they would win the wheelie competition in Tampa, and would also perform several consecutive backflip attempts, most notably in San Diego and El Paso. Highlights can be found here:

In 2018, Big Kahuna competed in Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series 1. During the series, England and the truck would score their first major freestyle championship in Houston. The truck also campaigned a special Texas Strong paint scheme for said event, which would also be used in Miami. Also in Miami, at show 1, Shane broke the rear end off after a huge sky wheelie in freestyle. He would miss day two due to the damage.

Big Kahuna received a major update for the 2019 season, featuring a new design, being based on a beat-up Custom Ford Woody surf wagon, as well as a new chassis. England and the truck competed in Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series 1. Despite suffering rear-steering issues during the series opener in Tampa, they would go on to finish fourteenth in the overall standings. Meanwhile, the original chassis was sold to Harper Motorsports the following year and converted into Carolina Crusher.

Beginning in 2020, Big Kahuna would go on hiatus throughout the entire 2020 season, as well as the season following. Two years later, the truck was set to re-debut in Harrison, Arkansas, with a new 2022 Ford Bronco design on an all-new Eddie Majka chassis. The truck would not debut yet, as it wasn't ready. It was scheduled to debut in Miami, Oklahoma, but didn't debut there either, due to the truck still not being finished. After an entire year of teasing, the truck finally debuts at Monster Jam World Finals XXII, marking the trucks return to the league for the first time since 2019. The truck debuts a new Performance Plus body at SEMA 2023.

In 2024, the truck will make its video game debut in Monster Jam Showdown.

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  • The team took off the first quarter in 2014, due to Shane's son Tristan graduating from high school.
  • Big Kahuna was one of only four trucks to use a 1961 Chevrolet K-10 body style, the others being Geronimo, Rockwell R.E.D. and Wrecking Machine. The last two are owned by Team Throttle Monster.


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