Backwards Bob
Backwards Bob circa 2015


FELD Entertainment, Live Nation


Kevin Crocker and Ryan Huffaker

Body Style

2010 Ford F-150 mounted backwards


540ci Merlin


2-Speed Coan


66" Terra





Backwards Bob was a Ford F-150 bodied monster truck owned by FELD Entertainment and Live Nation. The truck is known for its fiberglass body and tires are mounted on to the chassis facing the opposite way, giving the appearance that the truck is driving backwards (except in 2012, when the truck ran on Obsession's chassis, the tires were facing forward). The truck debuted in 2008 at the Monster Jam World Finals 9 encore with Spitfire (now called Dragon). It was driven on the Monster Jam circuit with driver Kevin Crocker and toured with Pablo Huffaker's Grave Digger 28.

For diecast models, the driver's seat is actually facing the same way as the body, but nonetheless the truck is still packaged facing the opposite way as other trucks.

Backwards Bob is also a playable truck in two Monster Jam video games; Monster Jam: Urban Assault and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction.

The truck was retired in 2009 (minus a few appearances on the Obsession chassis in 2012) before officially returning to Monster Jam in 2015. That same year, however, it was destroyed in an accidental trailer fire, but returned yet again on a spare chassis.


In 2008, Backwards Bob debuted at World Finals IX as an encore performance with former Monster Mutt driver Mike Wine driving.

In 2009, Backwards Bob begins its first and last full season with Wine as the truck was announced retired, later that year.

In 2012, Rick Swanson, of Obsession Racing, would run the Backwards Bob body on the Obsession chassis in California for a few shows. Swanson would keep this idea, as he debuted "Wrongway Rick", his own reverse monster truck, later that year.

In 2014, it was announced that Backwards Bob would return with Bryan Wright and Ryan Huffaker sharing the driving duties for 2015.

In 2015, the truck, along with its teammate, Grave Digger, were involved in an accidental hauler fire. Grave Digger was saved from the fire, however, Backwards Bob was not. Later that year, the truck returned with a backup body on a spare PEI chassis and continues to run on this chassis until a new one is built.

In 2016, Bryan Wright went back to driving Hooked. Kevin Crocker takes his place, once again sharing driving duties with Huffaker.

In 2017, Huffaker retires while Crocker moves to Monster Mutt. The truck is likely on hold as FELD probably still owns the trademark.


  • The name of the truck is a play on the of the haircut style of the same.
  • The truck is the second known truck to experience an accidental trailer fire, the first was Sin City Crusher.
  • In toy and video game form, the truck's tailgate boasted the words "Here I Come" in yellow. This never appeared on the real truck, as it's tailgate was transparent, to help the driver see better.
  • The backup chassis was the original Northern Nightmare, which ironically suffered a major engine fire during it's last performance.