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American Scout is a Chevrolet monster truck driven by Colton Kiser and based off the mini truck of the same name. The truck was formerly Nitemare and made its debut in 2022. For the 2023 season the team completely tore down the truck and modernized the chassis and components during the rebuild. A new reflective 70s style square body chevy would debut after the season opener in Ft. Wayne, Indiana where the previous body was partially wrapped in pit party to show what was to come. After rolling the truck in Troy, Missouri during the summer a new matte body was put together for the Indianapolis 4 Wheel Jamboree's Outlaw Monster Truck Drags show, returning to the 80s style square body Chevy. Various suspension upgrades would be made for the 2024 season most notably being updates PEI axle housings.


  • The body that debuted in 2023 would also sport a "Louder Than Sinistar" sticker as the truck would receive a set of tractor pulling zoomies from Zeus that is comparable in sound.
  • Towards the end of the 2023 season, the truck would gain the nickname of "Your Mom's Favorite Square Body Truck".