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Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit, Iron Outlaw, and Knucklehead.

2Xtreme Racing is a monster truck team out of Tonganoxie, Kansas owned by Jimmy and Dawn Creten. The team is arguably one of the longest running and one of the most popular in the industry. Many successful drivers in the sport today have also started their careers with 2Xtreme Racing. Since the mid-1990's the team has made many monster trucks but is known for its main 3 machines: Bounty Hunter, Scarlet Bandit and Iron Outlaw.

Bounty Hunter

In 1995, Jimmy Creten bought the Shark Attack monster truck and renamed it Bounty Hunter. It used to run a Chevrolet S-10 body before changing to the Ford Expedition in 2002. This was also the first year he qualified for the World Finals. He finished as runner-up to Team Meents in racing. He would also finish runner-up to Wolverine (2003), Grave Digger (2006), Batman (2008) and Maximum Destruction (2011). In 2005, he won the World Freestyle Championship. Other drivers of Bounty Hunter have been Darren Migues, Ben Winslow, and Jay McPherson. The current drivers are Jimmy Creten and Austin Minton.

Scarlet Bandit

Scarlet Bandit started life as 2Xtreme driven by Jimmy's wife, Dawn Creten. The truck toured alongside Bounty Hunter for several years until the team decided to redesign the truck. In 2000, Scarlet Bandit was born as the new ride for Dawn. The truck quickly became a fan favorite after multiple TV appearances which led to a World Finals invite in 2005. In 2006 however, Scarlet Bandit was put on hiatus due to Dawn took some time off to raise her newest daughter. Dawn and her truck later returned in 2007 with an all new design and chassis. In 2008, she made a huge impression at the World Finals after a phenomenal freestyle run which landed her into second place. Since then, Scarlet Bandit has been impressing monster truck fans around the globe.

Iron Outlaw

While Scarlet Bandit was shelved in 2006, the truck became Iron Outlaw and was driven by then-rookie Linsey Weenk. He shocked the monster truck industry after a seven-race winning streak which defeated veteran drivers like Dennis Anderson and Tony Farrell. This instantly landed him an invite to Monster Jam World Finals 7 and also made it to the Monster Jam World Finals 8. Following the 2007 season, he left 2Xtreme Racing to drive the Built Ford Tough Blue Thunder. Iron Outlaw has had various drivers after Weenk's departure, including Kreg Christensen, Joe MillerDarren Migues, Dawn Creten, Jay McPherson, Nick Owens ,Ben Winslow and Mike Christensen. It is now driven by Tanner Root.